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One Crazy Year: 2013

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

       It's time to get all nostalgic and review this whirlwind of a year. It's always so crazy looking back to see how much has happened in such a short time. This year seems more extreme than most. Here's a look at the highlights.
This year started off awesome, celebrating New Year's with some super cool Danes, chillin on my favorite bridge with fireworks, music and many "I'm just so happy" statements... and passing out looking way more peaceful than I would've ever imagined. The next weekend, I was so lucky to hit it off with this musician at a bar one night, leading to my favorite story (so far). Our adventures that month consisted of rambling, lots of coffee, music, and a great night learning a traditional Danish dance.
My travels this month were to England and Scotland where I saw Big Ben, Wicked, and Stonehenge, went to a Catholic mass in London, and met up with a guy I met in Jacksonville in his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland.  We took a beautiful roadtrip across Scotland, did a traditional Scottish dance, and ate some crazy foods. Like blood. And guts! I think.
Saw the Red Light District and beautiful canals, biked over potholes, passed hookers on houseboats, and laughed my way through "Nethergium" with my favorite English lady.  I also saw the most bizarre puppet show ever. 
Witnessed pure joy in these dairy cows and met Sune's awesome family. Had many weekends filled with great friends, music, dancing, fleamarkets, and wine. And Fisk.
Took a day trip to Sweden with Sune for Kristi Hemmelfart Day, had an amazing week with my best friends visiting me in Denmark where we "accomplished much and breathed often" and experienced Distortion where we saw people dancing in windows and chillin on bus stops.
June started off with a surreal adventure through the Italian mountains with my Mountain Man. Mom and dad came to visit and I showed em around this country I grew to love and explored Germany together. My time in Denmark came to a close, and I moved back to the US where I was a barista for a day, and celebrated Lindsay marrying her prince in her fairytale wedding. 
Was a bridesmaid round dos for Amanda and Stephen's perfect union and wedding.
This month mainly consisted of crappy, unemployed stessing, but fortunately had good Mom, Dad and friends' time thrown in. 
Unemployed job searching continued. Bummed off friends in Jax for a couple weeks while training for a job that I quit before starting. Went to my cousin's super fun lakeside wedding, started a nearly disastrous renovation project on my room, and nabbed some feisty scallops for the first time.  
In the month I turned 24, I substitute taught at my old elementary school, celebrated a friend's baby on the way, got another job that I quit before starting, finally ended the job search when I got my dream job working with kids at Daniel, and made Jacksonville Beach home with a roommate I found on Craigslist. I also dressed like Prince George for Halloween... But no one got it. 
One of the weirdest experiences I've had was going on a crazy internet/app dating adventure with a friend one Sunday afternoon. In less weird news, I hosted this very paleo Thanksgiving with great friends and got the news I'm gonna be an aunt! 
After my last snowy Christmas, I fully enjoyed a Florida Christmas biking around to see decorated palm trees, the Zoo lights, Riverside Luminaries, and Christmas reading on the beach. I also got to go home for Christmas with Mom, Dad, Grandparents and Matt. Ending the month and year with a visit with The Bests was an excellent way to do it. Also officially getting asked to be a bridesmaid for Rubin. Can't wait for the Rubartaloma wedding! 

      For once, my future/plans/year ahead seem way too set than they've ever been. No crazy plans, changes, or adventures in mind at the moment. I guess I'll try out this whole "being settled and responsible" thing for a little bit until I can afford some bigger adventures. For now, I'll just enjoy my biking, beach, running, florist, working adult adventures. 



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