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Danish Folk Dancing

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

                I was so excited last Friday to have my first morning off!  After some last minute cleaning and a run, I went to meet Sune with plans to go to some dinner and music he'd signed up for at a place he used to work. When we got to the place though, there weren't many people, and we didn't like the idea of paying, so we chose to go to Christiania instead, which had kind of interested us more anyway. Some of his friends had told him about some traditional Danish folk dancing going on there. We were both pretty intrigued as neither of us had ever seen any Danish dances. 
       It was a nice bike ride over there besides the cold, but after a coffee and pancake break it was bareable. When we got to the bar, Operaen, I got to meet several of his friends who were all really nice. It was nice hearing the whole, "Oh, we've heard about you!" bit when I went to introduce myself.
         Then the dancing began. It was a lot of fun seeing and learning this traditional Danish dance that most Danes didn't even know they had. But as many people throughout the night were eager to explain, it started in a tiny island called Fanø, in the southwest of Denmark... And that was strangely the only fact we really learned from all the explanations. The dance was basically walking side by side with your partner, then doing a 360 with your arms linked in an interesting way, and accomplishing it in three steps. It was a tough task to do with so many people around and getting dizzy quite quickly. It was such a fun night dancing around with Sune and his friends, but we left as his friends started really getting into party mode... I think we'd spun around in the heat, crowd, and all the same sounding songs enough.
      On Saturday, we had a slow start but finally got ourselves out to go to the Botanisk Have. On our way there, outside Ricco's (my favorite cafe), we ran into Thomas and Maria, where we convinced Maria to join us. The garden ended up being closed, so we went to get my tattoo! ... Which was also closed. So we headed to the Moose for a chill time. It turned into hanging out with some chill drinks and good conversation for like 6 hours. I had planned on partying for Megan's birthday, joining the pub crawl Maria and them were doing, or both, but Sune and I were pretty tired and opted out of the party scene that night.
       When we got back, we got to FaceTime with Mom and the whole family while they were at Pa's birthday celebrations. Just two weeks in and Sune got to "meet" the whole family! 
       On Sunday, we went out for coffee and another walk through the Assistens, rambled some, laid in a big swing in a park for a bit enjoying the sun, had a brief game of football, and flew a plain to Paris (in a playground) before heading home. It was such a nice day with super clear blue skies for a change. He had hoped to see his sister and nephew that came into town but it didn't work out, so we just hung out, played guitar and watched more movies before I forced myself (always a battle) to head home. 



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