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The Skinny on our Proposal

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I realize I never shared the story of the day I said "yes" to spend forever with Mr. Kennedy. So here it is for whoever missed out. 

We had planned to go for our second round on the Appalachian Trail on Memorial Day Weekend. We'd gotten all prepared with a doggy backpack, took off an extra day from work, and psyched ourselves into the hike ahead. The rainy forecast made us change our plans; Hiking and sleeping with a soggy dog for three days seemed less than appealing. So instead, we decided to do a day hike on Cumberland Island for our first time. 

The night before, we'd biked to the store and got all the supplies for our picnic lunch. I woke up early, made our tasty sammies, and we headed out. Running a little behind with a strict schedule to catch the ferry, we were a little stressed on the drive. Then I realized I'd left the sandwiches. At this point I started to cry from annoyance with myself. I'd ruined the day and we were going to starve on the island and all things irrational and bad. 

Nearing the ferry, we stopped for gas, and I ran as fast as I could into the Subway. I stood twiddling my thumbs, worrying about everything as the workers took their time.
Finally we made it to the ferry, I hopped out for D to find parking, and ALL HAIL! We didn't miss it! So off we went to this nature-rich island! 

We hiked and hiked through beautiful, dense trails for hours, rested for sandwiches and ticks on a log, and kept on hiking. About three hours in, we bee-lined to the ocean to cool off. We crossed through one of my favorite scenes over a little wooden path with swampy water on both sides and the brightest rays shining onto lily pads. I kept wondering if and when he was going to pop the question. There were so many pretty scenes! Said lily pad dreamland spot, for example. "Maybe I ruined it with this morning's mistakes... Maybe he just forgot the ring. Or maybe he can't trust a woman that forgets important sandwiches at home..." 

Finally reaching the ocean, I ran right in with no one in sight. Dylan ran back to "put his money away" and then came out to meet me. As he was holding me up with waves crashing around us, he started to say some words that sounded like a proposal! I wasn't sure if he was going to start it there and finish on the shore or what, but then I looked over and there my ring was on his pinky! His speech was so sweet, of course, about wanting to be a great husband and live a fulfilling life together. I believe I shouted, "Of course!" and then emotions turned to fear that he was going to drop the ring in the sea.  But he successfully transferred the ring from his finger to mine. 
We walked back on the beach, hand in hand, frequently checking my hand for this new foreign object that meant so much. It's funny how I've worn so many rings on that finger but it felt like it had never felt one before in its life.

"We went into the ocean single and came out engaged!" 

It was the most perfect proposal I could've ever imagined. Spontaneous, full of adventure, on a hike, in the ocean... Can't wait to marry this guy in LESS THAN A MONTH! 

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Two February Mornings

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Yesterday morning was the loveliest of mornings
It started with staying in bed extra long and searching for Valentines Day recipes 
Then continued to a playing fetch with the neighbors kinda morning 
Taking a stroll down the street and up to the beach,  people watching along 
Kids splashing in the sea and groms surfing the waves 
a ditch your coats and jump into your swimsuit kinda morning 
Admiring the tourists reading their books 
and joggers and sunbathers enjoying the Florida winter 
a let the pup meet every dog and human she wanted kinda morning 
Chit chatting with Donna racers from Atlanta that needed their dog fix 
who's daughter name was Abby, old John and Sue
Extending the walk because Sierra just wasn't ready to leave the beach yet kinda morning. 

Today the loveliness continued in different colors
From yesterday's cerulean sky to today's dreamy gray beach 
cheering on the Donna Racers and consoling a sound-sensitive pooch kinda morn
a police lady yelling encouraging cheers to the runners 
According to a fan, it was a beer at 9am kinda morn
Almost jumped in to intercept a foreign family's football 
Another extended walk to the pier and mingling with dog padres 
Remembering strangers and tourists can add stories in an instant kinda morn.

These were just the loveliest of mornings. They reminded me to extend my walks because studying and chores can wait, and to talk to the unknowns and even the boys in blue. If someone overheard me or could read my mind on some of these walks, they'd think I'd just moved to the beach, but I'm constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have these scenes in my backyard.



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