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My Artsy Sunday

Sunday, June 29, 2014

In recap of this wonderfully refreshing, inspiration filled day, 
I started off with journaling. This was definitely the turn around after a discontent, reminiscing night last night. I went from thinking about my next move, with CPH on my mind, and plans to research my move today. But after journaling, I just crossed that off my list and focused on today.  
Off I went on Hendrix (after paying more to fix him yesterday than I did to buy him) to do some "research" at Bookmark, a bookstore in Neptune Beach, just down the road. This research consisted of finding some awesome children's books that sparked some ideas for my own books that I'm super excited about. 

With ideas a brewin', I went on over to Lillie's for some brainstorming and poetry, and met an interesting dude sketching a Zombie Bieber. I also got to FaceTime with Chris, Mom, and sweet Adaleigh and talked about some of my ideas. 

With a hungry belly, I came on home for a delicious smoothie, and continued my arts-inspired day with some harmonica, guitar, calligraphy, and more poetry. I attempted some more watercolor this evening, but am struggling the most with this art form.      
I finished my night with a dip in the sea and reading The Rum Diary with toes in the sand. Perfectly appropriate. 

Dana and Martin's simple question and my pathetic response about how often I actually swim in the ocean and even go to the beach a week, has changed my days. 
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High Five for Friday

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Fridaay! That seemed like a long week. A good week, but long. It definitely seems long thinking I was in Ocala last weekend. And back to Ocala I go this weekend for a wedding! 

1. The birth of my first niece is obviously number 1. She was born healthy and beautiful late Wednesday night. I cannot wait to meet her! I realized how much it hadn't set in until I got the pictures of her. Even when I was told she was On the Way, it hadn't hit me. I can't even imagine the feeling I'll get when I get to hold her. I'm so excited to be an aunt and watch her grow. I'm probably equally as excited to watch my brother and his wonderful wife grow as parents. They're going to be so amazing. I just can't get over the excitement my heart is filled with right now. I had a serious moment of realization about all the changes that one birth has, thinking not only about the  couple becoming parents, but also the new grandparents, the brothers and sisters becoming aunts and uncles... So much love and new roles to be taken on. 
There's the happy family! 
2. Showing up at Daniel yesterday to visit the kids, and a client crying at my appearance. Crying! Nearly balling actually. I don't know that anybody has ever cried from seeing me. Maybe Mom. So that was pretty special. Plus enjoying time with one of the new little ones that's just precious, playing cards and telling "inappropriate jokes." She had me and Ms. Hue in tears from laughing. 

3. Another funny night hanging with my favorite Daniel staff. Hanging out with them at work on my night off is actually preferred. 

4. Getting my deli meat spot on the money the other day. Plus enjoying Publix free coffee in the presence of a beautiful stranger to whom I mustered up the courage to speak. (Check out that grammar). Next is throwing my number at him. 
5. Plans to see Amy and Padre, and see a good friend from middle school get married this weekend! That wedding I don't have a date to, mentioned here

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Times I wish I had a boyfriend

Monday, June 16, 2014

When my back and shoulders and feet are in dire need of a massage. 

When there's a beautiful sunset that would be even better shared. 

When I wanna sleep on the beach. Cuddles (and some protection) would be a huge plus. 

For cuddles any time. 

When I have to check "1 attending" for my first wedding where I'm not in the bridal party or have a wide base of friends attending. 

When I wanna do something adventurous. Traveling, picnics, fishing, hiking, kayaking... All would be better with a partner in crime. 

For rent purposes when dreaming about moving out of the state/country. 

To avoid being the fifth wheel. Third wheel I can deal with, but fifth? It's like I'm wrecking two dates.  

When everyone's all love struck and in serious relationships, and I'm over here like, "I spoke to beautiful stranger at Publix today?" 

When I have sweet ideas or plans to do for my nonexistent lover. AKA all the time. I have way too much love to share with no one to share it. I don't know what might happen but I feel like exploding is a possibility. 

When I'm trying to think of a couple more points I might be forgetting for this list, and wanting to text a friend for thoughts... But they all have boyfriends. So they don't know the struggle. 

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Things I Learned This Weekend

Sunday, June 15, 2014

1. Throwing away pictures quickly turns into hours of laughing at old selves and bringing back so many memories. High school friends and I have often wondered what we did in high school since we weren't the typical partying teens. After this picture raid, I realized... we took pictures. In dressing rooms, walmart, cars, kitchen islands... 
2. My parents are awesome. I didn't learn this this weekend but it was definitely reinforced. They are just such dedicated, good people. We're also surrounded by some amazingly supportive friends. 
3. My dad is so cool. I mean really...
Cool guy on the right... Can he get any more awesome? Not to mention that crazy guy on the left, aka Uncle Dennis. I never did get a straight answer about whether he dressed like that on the reg or not. So was that a regular occurrence, Dennis?! ;)
4. Sleepy babies are one of the sweetest things to see. 
5. Having adult conversations with toddlers is so amusing to me. Brooks and I discussed how he needs a dog.. the same color as his hair (ginger), wants to play a violin when he gets bigger, all foods are favorite, and Denmark should be my next move. 
6. I cannot wait to have my own kids and give them completely bonkers information and stories. This is also not something I just learned but just reminded of. "Don't push all those buttons on the printer, Brooks. It might send the president the wrong message and we could get in trouble. We don't want that." "No! We don't!"
7. At my baby shower, this will be one of the games I request. Share some funny and/or helpful lies I can tell my offspring. 
8. I also love teaching kids new tricks. Roll-over, handstands, yoga. You name it.  
9. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is being added to my To Do List on those bad days. It's so relateable! 
10. Alexander's I'm Not (and I mean it) Going to Move made me cry. The Alexander series is basically my new favorite. 
11. You know it's your girl time when a World Cup promo video makes you cry. 
12. I am getting to that weird, "man I feel old" stage tha I always thought was weird hearing the twenty-something's say when I was a kid. Seeing these "kids" from church or my own baby cousins driving and having babies is nuts. 
13. Feeding a needy man makes my heart happy. 
14. Hot tubs are way more fun when they're being hopped. Especially with my two funniest dude friends. 
15. I'm blessed with one heck of an amazing dad. Last year we were spending Father's Day in Germany. This year we spent it opening his new store and celebrating this big adventure. Happy Father's Day, Papa! 
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Afternoon Thoughts

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Usually these should be thoughtful, reverent, admiring, or any number of nice thoughts...

Today's is not necessarily. Instead, I'm just thanking God for a slip still with tags and a receipt to return and deposit, plus scrounged up change to save my terrible budgeting butt. 

Next paycheck. I'm rocking it! I just know it.  

And aplologies to Starbucks for bogarding your free wifi with no drink purchase. Since we canceled our wifi to just use our phones and then my phone  died all day because I broke the charger, I couldn't exactly afford the charger must less the coffee. I'm sure I'll be paying you back soon enough. 

Or maybe not. Since I'm "rocking my next paycheck" and all.

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USA for the win!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Yesterday morning, I woke up and decided,
"I think I should just go to the soccer game today." 
I'd talked about going with a couple friends but they opted out so we just planned to watch the game at home. I started feeling silly to miss something like this, and realized it is possible for me to go by myself. So I bought the tickets and was ready for the adventure. 
Fortunately, I got to tailgate with Dana and Martin which was great. We ate delicious barbeque at Mojos first. Barbeque! America! 
When we got to the game, we went our separate ways. Instead of going to my seat, I stayed in the Bud Light Zone and met up with these crazies!
Mac and Kelly Dill. Love these two. 

Unlike most sporting events, where I try to pay attention, then turn away for one second and miss an exciting play or goal, I had perfect timing at this one. I looked at the perfect moment to catch the two goals USA made. 

I never even made it to my seat. 

One realization I came to while scanning the crowd of American flag overalls, pants, and ridiculous outfits, was that 
"I wouldn't necessarily say I'm proud of America, but I can now I can, at least, appreciate the humor in our country." 
That's something right? 

Definitely glad I actually went to the game. Great experience. 
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My Next Christmas List

Thursday, June 5, 2014

AKA things I hate spending money on. So forget the bike and kayak and fun gifts. Those things would be exciting to buy myself. This Christmas, I'll be asking for theses items...
$15 for razors?! For a societal norm I don't even believe in/flat-out hate?! Just spit in my face why dontcha?
 It's bad enough the reason for these darn things, much less having to fork out money on it. Probably my least favorite purchase ever actually.
I do love me a sexy 5 for $25 $26 Victoria Secret deal, but it still hurts to splurge that much on something so tiny. 
 Much like some sexy underwear, I do enjoy a nice swimsuit. The initial debating though, comparing the importance of a swimsuit to say work clothes or other necessities, is a tough one. Living at the beach now, I think I'll soon bite the bullet and invest in a new one. Especially when my choices are one I got at 16 years old and others that just fall off with each step I take or each football I catch.
Coffee cards. 
 Clearly I don't hate buying coffee, but I do feel much less guilty splurging on a large caramel macchiato if it's on a gift card. 
Shampoo and any other hygiene things. 
 I'll use a tube of toothpaste til I can't roll it anymore, makeup til the pad is torn and the powder's no longer salvageable, and mascara til it simply darkens no more.   
Paper towels and toilet paper.
20 BUCKS for paper we wipe dirty parts with? Get outa here. 

What kinds of things are on your alternative/practical Christmas list, readers?!
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Memorial Day Kayaking Adventure

Monday, June 2, 2014

This Memorial Day was an exciting one and I can't believe I didn't blog about it already! Les and I went kayaking with these guys in Amelia Island for an exciting adventure. 
"On your way back you're only gonna turn right. Even when it doesn't seem right... just go right."
Worst. directions. ever. 

Off we went into the river that we're still not sure the name of. Or even if it's a river. We stopped at one island and admired the crazy crabs and super sinking sand, then paddled over to another for our lunch. We explored a little bit, checking out crab traps and finding a little too much amusement with making inappropro noises with a jelly fish. It was a beautiful view though with super green marsh and a stormy sky a brewing.  

 We headed back earlier than planned from fear of the storm coming. Not to mention we hadn't even made it to the bridge that looked like we'd get to right away, and we'd been out like an hour and a half! The storm did bless us with with a cool feeling and comfortable temps. Kayaking in the rain can  be quite nice really.  
On our way back, we did just as we were told and only turned right, even when it didn't seem right. 

"We can't even paddle in this shallow sand... This doesn't look the same at all! But that's just what she said so we'll keep going."

After encountering some natives, "kayaking all the way to India," oyster cuts on out feet, lots of in and out of the kayaks to push them along, and bruised lady parts due to misjudged water depths and that in and out nonsense, we decided to turn around and go left. 
And we were right. 

I did say I wanted to get lost so I was cool with it.  



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