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High Five for Friday

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Fridaay! That seemed like a long week. A good week, but long. It definitely seems long thinking I was in Ocala last weekend. And back to Ocala I go this weekend for a wedding! 

1. The birth of my first niece is obviously number 1. She was born healthy and beautiful late Wednesday night. I cannot wait to meet her! I realized how much it hadn't set in until I got the pictures of her. Even when I was told she was On the Way, it hadn't hit me. I can't even imagine the feeling I'll get when I get to hold her. I'm so excited to be an aunt and watch her grow. I'm probably equally as excited to watch my brother and his wonderful wife grow as parents. They're going to be so amazing. I just can't get over the excitement my heart is filled with right now. I had a serious moment of realization about all the changes that one birth has, thinking not only about the  couple becoming parents, but also the new grandparents, the brothers and sisters becoming aunts and uncles... So much love and new roles to be taken on. 
There's the happy family! 
2. Showing up at Daniel yesterday to visit the kids, and a client crying at my appearance. Crying! Nearly balling actually. I don't know that anybody has ever cried from seeing me. Maybe Mom. So that was pretty special. Plus enjoying time with one of the new little ones that's just precious, playing cards and telling "inappropriate jokes." She had me and Ms. Hue in tears from laughing. 

3. Another funny night hanging with my favorite Daniel staff. Hanging out with them at work on my night off is actually preferred. 

4. Getting my deli meat spot on the money the other day. Plus enjoying Publix free coffee in the presence of a beautiful stranger to whom I mustered up the courage to speak. (Check out that grammar). Next is throwing my number at him. 
5. Plans to see Amy and Padre, and see a good friend from middle school get married this weekend! That wedding I don't have a date to, mentioned here

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