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Times I wish I had a boyfriend

Monday, June 16, 2014

When my back and shoulders and feet are in dire need of a massage. 

When there's a beautiful sunset that would be even better shared. 

When I wanna sleep on the beach. Cuddles (and some protection) would be a huge plus. 

For cuddles any time. 

When I have to check "1 attending" for my first wedding where I'm not in the bridal party or have a wide base of friends attending. 

When I wanna do something adventurous. Traveling, picnics, fishing, hiking, kayaking... All would be better with a partner in crime. 

For rent purposes when dreaming about moving out of the state/country. 

To avoid being the fifth wheel. Third wheel I can deal with, but fifth? It's like I'm wrecking two dates.  

When everyone's all love struck and in serious relationships, and I'm over here like, "I spoke to beautiful stranger at Publix today?" 

When I have sweet ideas or plans to do for my nonexistent lover. AKA all the time. I have way too much love to share with no one to share it. I don't know what might happen but I feel like exploding is a possibility. 

When I'm trying to think of a couple more points I might be forgetting for this list, and wanting to text a friend for thoughts... But they all have boyfriends. So they don't know the struggle. 



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