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Memorial Day Kayaking Adventure

Monday, June 2, 2014

This Memorial Day was an exciting one and I can't believe I didn't blog about it already! Les and I went kayaking with these guys in Amelia Island for an exciting adventure. 
"On your way back you're only gonna turn right. Even when it doesn't seem right... just go right."
Worst. directions. ever. 

Off we went into the river that we're still not sure the name of. Or even if it's a river. We stopped at one island and admired the crazy crabs and super sinking sand, then paddled over to another for our lunch. We explored a little bit, checking out crab traps and finding a little too much amusement with making inappropro noises with a jelly fish. It was a beautiful view though with super green marsh and a stormy sky a brewing.  

 We headed back earlier than planned from fear of the storm coming. Not to mention we hadn't even made it to the bridge that looked like we'd get to right away, and we'd been out like an hour and a half! The storm did bless us with with a cool feeling and comfortable temps. Kayaking in the rain can  be quite nice really.  
On our way back, we did just as we were told and only turned right, even when it didn't seem right. 

"We can't even paddle in this shallow sand... This doesn't look the same at all! But that's just what she said so we'll keep going."

After encountering some natives, "kayaking all the way to India," oyster cuts on out feet, lots of in and out of the kayaks to push them along, and bruised lady parts due to misjudged water depths and that in and out nonsense, we decided to turn around and go left. 
And we were right. 

I did say I wanted to get lost so I was cool with it.  



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