Thursday, March 21, 2013

  It's already time for the next trip!
This should express my thoughts and the spectacularness to come. 

To Nethergium we go!!
(Netherlands + Belgium... Selvfølgelige

Weekend Highlights

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

 1. A fun trip to the zoo with Sune on my Friday off. 
2. Rambling around town checking out antique stores, Indian food, and asking the planetarium if they had "live stars." 
3. Trying to get a hyper Sune's energy out at the parks nearby on Saturday morning. 
4. A fun night out with Maria, Megan and Molly at Mexi Bar and Francis Pony Saturday night. 
5. A great St. Patrick's Day at Charlie's where Ewelina, Marco (happy as ever), Megan, Molly, Marc, (so many M's!) Eugene, and other cool people came and 
6. Seeing Sune play. :) So amazed by him. 
7. Morten's song lyric changes. Especially to Bieber. 
8. Making a bond with random guy on the train ride home with deep conversations and even a hug goodbye. Haha
Oh, life. 


(Stolen from Ewelina )

Mere Dansk!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

  Finally, this morning, after days of thinking about it and saying it over in my head, I told Lotte, 
"Jeg tror vi skal tale mere på dansk nu, så jeg kan lære mere. " 
Whats the mean?! What's that mean?!
No, I didn't tell her I was done scrubbing floors, or I wouldn't clean the bathroom three times in two days, or wash the attic floor... 
Nothing so dramatic... I'm not ready to leave Denmark yet.

No, instead, this was me finally getting the nerve, motivation, and initiate to say,
"I think we should talk more in Danish now so I can learn more."

    I'd realized I wished we'd been talking more in Danish this whole time a couple weeks ago, but was even too nervous to say something like that phrase to start the motion. I think speaking in another language, Danish in particular, can be so nerve racking. You, of course, want to use the write grammar, the write words, and also pronounce it in a way where they don't instantly know you're foreign. Or even worse... American! Luckily, though, I've usually been mistaken as a different nationality... And have learned it might be better to leave it at that sometimes... But that's another story. Or blog post. Nah, probably not blog worthy. 
    I think the latter of those worries is the biggest with Danish because, as most people would agree, Danes can be quite picky with their pronunciation. (What the reasons for this might be will not be discussed here). But that, paired with a very hard language to pronounce, can be an unfortunate combination. So for the most part, even after 7 months here, there are still times when I chicken out of simply asking for a cup of coffee in Danish. 

    The fact that most Danish people are (still so surprisingly) fluent in English makes it so much more convenient to just speak English; For one thing, even if I ask something in Danish, if they sense I speak English, they'll just switch to English. So it's usually easier to just start with that...  And two, since I might be able to ask the initial questions or conversation but may not be able to go too far, or understand their fast paced, no-consonant-pronuncing language, it's always just easier to start with English. 

But... it's time.
Time to forget the easy way, switch people back to speaking Danish with me, and speak more with my family and friends. 
I definitely regret not doing this sooner. Speaking with a Danish family on a daily basis could've made this process so much faster and better.
So Danish it is, doggone it! 
Don't think the Danes would say that. 

What a dramatic, drawn out ramble just to say...
Mere Dansk!
(More Danish!)

To all readers making it all the way to here... Congrats and thank you for caring so much to make it through this. (And maybe an apology for any anticlimaxes you kept waiting for.) 

Og slut. 
(And done.)
Wouldn't call you such a thing after just congratulating, thanking, and apologizing to you.

Svinekød? Pork... 
But thought the picture worked for this new layout. 
Sidenote: Danes do love their pork. 


Sunday, March 10, 2013

 I absolutely, incredibly, completely, will never get over how much I'm amazed by a starry sky. It's just unreal. 

I hate being so stinking impatient. 

I do love solo exploring days
Checked off two places on my list today... Soupanatural, a cute, organic soup place, and Madhatter's Bubble Tea Emporium. Both awesome. The city was so dead today though. Hoped to see my favorite buskers too but they weren't even out. :( Too cold and windy I suppose. 

I love hearing people's awesome stories from their lives. 
Ie, Francois (sp?), an older Frenchman, that I (officially) met in Charlie's today. (Yep, wound up there again... Sunday afternoons there, after a bit of exploring can always be nice). 
Francois had me intrigued, first with his story about moving to Denmark beginning with "prison," then with his very interesting traveling stories. So, his move to Denmark came about when he escaped French prison for leaving the army, went back five years later when he was supposed to have amnesty, was still forced back into the army anyway, got back out after 3 weeks after they realized it might be better to let him out, then came back to Denmark. It had won his heart like so many others. 
Then I became totally hooked by his traveling stories. At 19, he hitchhiked all through the States and Canada in 1975 for 6 months, then 3 months in '78. I was so entertained by his stories, and he actually wrote about his experiences everyday on his travels. I really wish I could get them translated so I could read them! I can't even imagine how amazing they would be. From the brief time I had with him, I heard snippets about him sleeping in the Nevada desert, sleeping on park benches, having some very sketchy hitchhiking experiences, trouble with border control, untold stories about the ladies, and so much more. I'd love to have those stories.
Cool day. 
Lastly, I do love being a dreamer. 
As much as people say to be practical, logical, down to earth, yada yada, I love making these crazy "plans" and dreams for my life. Even when it can sometimes/often/usually go much differently than planned, I do love the feeling and excitement of such lovely dreams and exciting plans. And when it does go differently, yeah, it can be disappointing for a moment, but something new and good always seems to come along. 

"Sometimes, on the way to a dream, you get lost and find another one."

Sweet Impracticalities... Fleamarket Finds

       Jen, Maria, and I went to a fleamarket yesterday in Enghave. It was a way bigger deal than I expected... Lines all the way out the door, then continuing inside to a HUGE building filled with awesome stuff.
     I went with no intentions of buying anything... I wound up with plates... PLATES... When I'm moving to another country in three months. But they were the most beautiful plates I've ever seen... I had to. 
    Plus this mini elephant statue for my future shelves filled with cool things (like this elephant), this little elephant pouch which I'll surely find a use for, this grandma necklace and earrings, this dude sweater, and some super cool, comfy, flowery, hippie pants (not pictured... Maybe later.) 
None practical. 
All worth it. 
I was really tempted to get this awesome old Tuborg beer can, buut I resisted. Improvement?
"Tuborg. Every time." 
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Girls Night, Love Day, Puppets, and Gospel Music

Monday, March 4, 2013

        Before continuing this blog, I can't believe I haven't introduced Megan and Molly yet. They came into the picture, also thanks to the previous au pair, Rebecca, who knew Molly. Megan and Molly are two beautiful half Scottish/Danish sisters.Molly previously au paired here and is now working here, while Megan is starting out au pairing here. They're both such incredibly nice, fun girls to be around. It's always a good time with them! I'm so glad to have met these great girls here. :) 
Girls' night with Jen, Maria, and Megan with plenty of venting + laughing at children, especially them getting hurt. 
Thomas ended up stealing Maria away. 
Jen and I ended up at Charlie's. 
Ended the night with Sune time when his guys' night was done. :) 
I just love getting his super happy, big hugged greetings like on this night. 
      Chose to celebrate "Charlotte and Anne-Lise's love day" (moving in together party) over a rugby party. More important and no need for rugby dudes when you have a Sune.
      Had a nice, relaxing day, filled with way too much food (the table was never empty).
Heard the beginning of their love story which involved sending chilies on a dating site!
Followed by Anne-Lise practically online stalking, listening to he music, and seeing her in public without saying "hi."
They were beaming with excitement and love the whole day.  
      Saw (I believe) my first puppet show that night!
It started with two films... a zombie western and the next an eye opening autobiography about child porn.
Not your typical  puppet show. 
       This was followed by a more lighthearted real life show of these two really awesome looking, hilarious giant puppets with the funniest facial expressions. 
Most interesting puppet show
Another beautiful day. Super clear, sunny blue skies... ALMOST to no hates or gloves weather!
Maria and I picked our couchsurfing hosts, then I headed out to enjoy the weather. 
I chilled at the lakes, soaked up some sun, and watched a very ungraceful swan. 
Maria and Thomas joined later and we found a good bagel shop where Sune met us too.  
They had more puppets to see, so Sune and I left for another wander and stumbled on gospel music at a church
We weren't too late, and got a great show with the liveliest church ever
Enjoyed the reggae gospel music
and awesome dance moves we wished we had
met super friendly people, former au pairs now Danish residents, 
and ate some food they made us have
Hopefully we'll make it back for their Easter service... I said if they were that lively on a normal day, I'd love to see their Easter service. 
Enjoyed some Anchorman, pasta, and googling and Pinteresting our dream house. And dog. 

Bring it on, Monday!

Mishap of the Day

Friday, March 1, 2013

Since it's a pain to go back and edit the old Mishaps post, both for me to edit and you to know when it's updated, I'll now just add "Mishaps of the day/weekend/week/whatever." 
It'll be like a cool new category for my blog! (Hopefully read with nerdy sarcasm). If only I knew how to do the cool organization making it look legit. Maybe one day. 

But anyway...
My blooper for today that I felt was blog worthy?
After cycling to the doctor to discuss my leg injury, I was ready to leave when I realized I left my bike key at home! Gah! 
To cut out all the options that went through my head, I opted for walking home, switching off from suspiciously carrying this bike down the road, to pushing it awkwardly while holding the back wheel up, then switching sides to give my arms a rest. Was probably quite a spectacle. 

I always wondered what people would do if they saw someone potentially stealing a bike (someone carrying a bike in the way I was would be a good sign)... But now I know the bike thief would probably be ok. 

So that's that. 

Ah, and happy 1st or March, friends, fam, and random readers! 

Is that me?! 



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