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Girls Night, Love Day, Puppets, and Gospel Music

Monday, March 4, 2013

        Before continuing this blog, I can't believe I haven't introduced Megan and Molly yet. They came into the picture, also thanks to the previous au pair, Rebecca, who knew Molly. Megan and Molly are two beautiful half Scottish/Danish sisters.Molly previously au paired here and is now working here, while Megan is starting out au pairing here. They're both such incredibly nice, fun girls to be around. It's always a good time with them! I'm so glad to have met these great girls here. :) 
Girls' night with Jen, Maria, and Megan with plenty of venting + laughing at children, especially them getting hurt. 
Thomas ended up stealing Maria away. 
Jen and I ended up at Charlie's. 
Ended the night with Sune time when his guys' night was done. :) 
I just love getting his super happy, big hugged greetings like on this night. 
      Chose to celebrate "Charlotte and Anne-Lise's love day" (moving in together party) over a rugby party. More important and no need for rugby dudes when you have a Sune.
      Had a nice, relaxing day, filled with way too much food (the table was never empty).
Heard the beginning of their love story which involved sending chilies on a dating site!
Followed by Anne-Lise practically online stalking, listening to he music, and seeing her in public without saying "hi."
They were beaming with excitement and love the whole day.  
      Saw (I believe) my first puppet show that night!
It started with two films... a zombie western and the next an eye opening autobiography about child porn.
Not your typical  puppet show. 
       This was followed by a more lighthearted real life show of these two really awesome looking, hilarious giant puppets with the funniest facial expressions. 
Most interesting puppet show
Another beautiful day. Super clear, sunny blue skies... ALMOST to no hates or gloves weather!
Maria and I picked our couchsurfing hosts, then I headed out to enjoy the weather. 
I chilled at the lakes, soaked up some sun, and watched a very ungraceful swan. 
Maria and Thomas joined later and we found a good bagel shop where Sune met us too.  
They had more puppets to see, so Sune and I left for another wander and stumbled on gospel music at a church
We weren't too late, and got a great show with the liveliest church ever
Enjoyed the reggae gospel music
and awesome dance moves we wished we had
met super friendly people, former au pairs now Danish residents, 
and ate some food they made us have
Hopefully we'll make it back for their Easter service... I said if they were that lively on a normal day, I'd love to see their Easter service. 
Enjoyed some Anchorman, pasta, and googling and Pinteresting our dream house. And dog. 

Bring it on, Monday!



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