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High Five for Friday

Saturday, March 29, 2014

So I'm a day late but here are my highlights from this week... 

1. Being left with so much inspiration, motivation and dreams after finishing Paris Letters. Stocked up on my art supplies, made my list of strategies to save money, and "decided to start living the life I imagined," from the words of Wordle Myrtle Leslie. (Check her out. She's awesome. And maybe she'll start writing more if she gets more views and people pestering her. Readyyy GO!)    
2. Getting my feet running on the sand again.
3. The ab-working, eyes-tearing laughing session my coworkers and I had last night. We went from talking about our dreams and aspirations to hookers on houseboats (me referring to this Netherlands story), to me thanking Daniel for improving my odds keeping me off the streets. Daniel... "Improving the odds for kids... And staff." 
4. Roomie and my trilingual/Spanglish/Danglish conversations during our afternoon bike ride. Practicing pick up lines like "du har en flot røv. Ring til mig?" with a Chinese accent had me laughing quite a bit.

5. Taking the kiddos at work to Memorial Park. I was beyond excited to see the previously drama and anger-filled group of girls getting along and smiling. The blooming flowers and petable puppies made the day even better. I don't know if it's just me, but for some reason I find a lot of amazement in days like today that start out so rainy, gray, and gloomy and turn into beautiful masterpieces like this. Does this transformation make anyone else just feel like anything can happen?
I hope everyone had a great week and a weekend full of growth, inspiration, and contentment! 

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Music Mention: Dawn and Hawkes

Friday, March 28, 2014

          Mentioned in this post, here's the band I fell in love with from the CPH Listening Room. They're really great singer/songwriters from Austin, TX. Their songs are just so real, genuine, and unique! Check em out and buy their songs here! 
No one steal this for your wedding. It's mine! ;)
Just kidding. But if you do, don't tell me.
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St. Patty's Day, Padres, and Traveling Love Bugs

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I haven't been writing much lately because there's nothing too out of the ordinary happening lately. I did have an awesome St. Patrick's Day filled with Lindsay Love and Leslie Boo, meeting new friends, a guy with this bike who was unfortunately too drunk to ride it but fortunately sober enough to realize this fact, sneaking Fireball on the streets, and entertaining live music at the Riverside Street Party.  

I've enjoyed some awesome balcony chilling in Leslie's lovely, high-rise apartment, with an unbelievable view, had some super silly, girly dance parties (for the neighbors to luckily see), hot tub hoppin with a cute boy, and front porch chillin. I was also blessed with a quick visit from Amy and her boo the other weekend.  

Last weekend, I had a great time with the padres coming to visit. We biked over to lunch at Beachside Seafood for a surprisingly delicious meal. We enjoyed the beautiful weather on the beach, laid out discussing the ridiculousness of and our amazement with dinosaurs, caveman, and life, and played frisbee with a cute Toddler Stranger. I made a homemade, paleo (of course) dinner with berry glazed chicken, sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts and banana bread crumb cake for dessert. The chicken was one of the best chicken recipes I've tried and the banana bread was one of the best paleo baked goods I've made so far.

Afterwards, we met up with Matt for him to eat, and we continued to eat some bomb chips and queso, fruity cocktails, and then dessert! We were going from restaurant to restaurant for the live music and felt we had to order something while we were there. So much for staying healthy after that paleo feast.  

The next day was quite nice as well. We'd planned to take a long biking extravaganza, but due to the mighty wind and brisk air, Mom and Dad decided to just drive to meet me at Lillie's Coffee Shop after my yoga class. So we shopped around at the antique store and the Bookmark which I just love because of the sweet little ladies working there. 

We unfortunately had to spend an hour+ at the AT&T store due to the tragic outcome of a football catch and a huge puddle that I somehow missed that left me phone and shoeless. Not that shoeless is uncommon. But luckily it all worked out and I'm obviously back in business and blogging on this crazy piece of technology! ...That I will not be taking the case off of... Even if I've "been so good with not dropping it," or bringing it in my pocket during football games with the kiddos. Or anything else near water. 

We finished the day with some of the most delicious pizza ever at Melllow. It was so nice having them up. Working at Daniel + several recent memories with the padres has really made me realize how fortunate I am to have them and my family. 

Random notes: going out solo in Europe is just so much more romantic than going out solo in Jax Beach. When traveling or living somewhere new, you're just like an independent, brave, wanderer... Add in the chances of meeting a beautiful foreign rugby player or musician and it's a story for a novel. Here, you take on more of a sleezey, loner look with chances of meeting crazy conspiracists with no accents. Letdown.  

Don't read Paris Letters unless you wanna have your emotions and mind running completely wild and a huge urge to drop everything and move to Europe. Now I'm over here dreaming and scheming for a European adventure and romance. As if I didn't have the travel bug and love sickness enough. It's the first time I've ever hoped for a bad ending just so that urge might at least subside a little bit. For now, I'm beginning my plan. 
Donations are definitely welcome. 
My next post might and should actually be my post to keep me accountable for my plans. They're handwritten now. Next up, The Blog. Stay tuned. 

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High Five for MONDAY

Monday, March 3, 2014

Forget the case of the Mondays. This Monday was AWESOME. 

1. It started off with a memorable visit from Dad. We biked to lunch, cruised around, enjoyed the ocean view from a (closed) rooftop bar, and learned some of dad's tricks on the guitar. Great father-daughter time. 
2. I officially started my online TESOL class. Woop woop!

3. Then read on the beach in the perfect weather. 

4. And did a yoga class that seriously kicked my butt. 30 days unlimited yoga? Bring it on! 

5. Then I was rewarded with some nice recouping time before biking home (necessary to avoid fainting or crashing) outside a cafe in the cool air, and got to skype with that cute boy across the pond... Awesome night to end this lovely day. 

Oh and this happened. 
Can someone lend me their normal cat for a day or two to teach this goofball some things? 

I hope everyone else had a great Monday too! 



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