Tuesday DOsday Tunesday

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Productivity is beyond great. Healthy breaky, yogaed, ran, organized freezer, front porch lunch porch, first French press success, laundried, deep cleaned. All before work this afternoon. It's amazing what a clean home and body can do to yo spirits.
Tuesday DOsday. 
I share with you... This mellow tune
Tuesday Dosday  Tunesday! 
I hope your Tuesday was filled with goodness too! 
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Quarter of a Century Celebrations

Monday, October 20, 2014

turned a quarter of a century on Sunday! Kinda crazy. I'm not quite as responsible or old feeling as my 18 yourself may have thought 25 would feel. I'm also not married or have a dog or living in the mountains or who knows what else I had on my "plan." But I'm cool with that. I have grown prouder, more independent, and content. Always workin on it. Anyway.
On my birthday weekend, I had a lovely breakfast and Birthday Toast with Mom surrounded by sunshine and flowers on her patio. Still hopeful I've inherited her green thumb. 

Kayaked with her on the Silver River
Laughed at this goofy guy
Thought this guy was fake...
Tried to pet a turtle 

Probs looked crazy to on-lookers chanting "anhinga! aninga! anhinga!" thinking that 3-times memory trick might help me become a bird expert like Moms. 

Had retail therapy with mama, walked with her and Denise, barbecue with Mom and Pops, and we were very adult-like seeing Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. Pretty cute. 

Enjoyed a hearty and delicious lunch at The Top with life-long friend, Amy. Twenty four years with this girl as my best friend... I'm a lucky chick. 
Reunited with Charlyn over cupcakes and coffee and got to meet her man. So glad to see her after a year apart and meeting her boy I felt like I'd known forevs. (Facebook does that sometimes). 

And ended the night with surprise flowers, wine, a French press and coffee from Vietnam, eggs, and brownie mix, with some front porch chillin... "I can't imagine a better combination of goodies" for me, as Rubin also pointed out. This kid knows the way to my heart. 
Cheers to the new year, making the best of all things, channeling positivity like no other, being healthy and present, learning some more adult things... and all that jazz.
What were you doing on your 25th birthday, post 25ers out there? I asked Mom and Pops but Mom said there was no Timehop app at that time so she doesn't know. Haha
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Today's Gratitude

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Many dinner, lunch, walk, and beach dates with Leslie lately. Not to mention an amazing experience helping her execute a wedding for a lovely couple. Their wedding had oodles of ridiculously sweet moments including the Best Sendoff Ever award. Thanks to the never ending sparklers, this excited couple ran up and down the steps until they finally burnt out for a total of about 5 times. "One more time!" was even chanted at the end. 
A quick but always great visit from the Padres. Mama Brunch, shopping, new sister-in-law lunching, and daddy dinner made for one heart and belly filling day. 

Pain free running! Started again and  hoping that leg pain is gone forevs. 

A great weekend "nannying" the cousins in South Carolina aka hanging out with my baby high school cousins. We went to their football game the first night at which I felt a little old, worrying about these high schoolers in no clothes. Glad the cousins weren't some of those girls. The next morning was super hip with coffee and checkers after Pilates with Anne Marie. Then we went to Fall for Greenville where I ate some shrimp and grits and the best gluten free baked good ever... Remember that scene on Matilda where they ate loads of that chocolate cake? This was that cake. Shopping, movies, and church completed our weekend. It was great getting to hang with and get to know these girls. Fine young ladies, they're going up to be.  

A ridiculously funny night of karaoke with coworkers. Quite an experience. 

Lastly, my ridiculously adorable niece. I can't wait to meet herrrr. Is it Thanksgiving yet?! I was going to say I can't even handle her cuteness but I think that may have become a cliche white girl thing to say now or something. 
Here's to gratitude and it almost being Friday AND my birthday!! 



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