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Introducing Alfunks!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


       Charlotte and her band, Alfunks, played at Studenterhuset two Thursdays ago. I was so excited to see her and imagined they'd be really good after getting that wonderful preview with Charlotte singing at Anne-Lise's birthday. 
They did not disappoint. 
They were so good, entertaining, and all great musicians. 
You can (and should!) check em out on Facebook or Myspace! 
 It was also awesome getting to see everyone after a long time apart for Christmas. 
Got to see Maria, Anne-Lise, Ewelina, Thomas, and Charlotte, of course! I didn't realize how much I'd missed them all!

Sune came out too, and got to meet the whole gang! 

Was a really great night. 
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Danish Folk Dancing

                I was so excited last Friday to have my first morning off!  After some last minute cleaning and a run, I went to meet Sune with plans to go to some dinner and music he'd signed up for at a place he used to work. When we got to the place though, there weren't many people, and we didn't like the idea of paying, so we chose to go to Christiania instead, which had kind of interested us more anyway. Some of his friends had told him about some traditional Danish folk dancing going on there. We were both pretty intrigued as neither of us had ever seen any Danish dances. 
       It was a nice bike ride over there besides the cold, but after a coffee and pancake break it was bareable. When we got to the bar, Operaen, I got to meet several of his friends who were all really nice. It was nice hearing the whole, "Oh, we've heard about you!" bit when I went to introduce myself.
         Then the dancing began. It was a lot of fun seeing and learning this traditional Danish dance that most Danes didn't even know they had. But as many people throughout the night were eager to explain, it started in a tiny island called Fanø, in the southwest of Denmark... And that was strangely the only fact we really learned from all the explanations. The dance was basically walking side by side with your partner, then doing a 360 with your arms linked in an interesting way, and accomplishing it in three steps. It was a tough task to do with so many people around and getting dizzy quite quickly. It was such a fun night dancing around with Sune and his friends, but we left as his friends started really getting into party mode... I think we'd spun around in the heat, crowd, and all the same sounding songs enough.
      On Saturday, we had a slow start but finally got ourselves out to go to the Botanisk Have. On our way there, outside Ricco's (my favorite cafe), we ran into Thomas and Maria, where we convinced Maria to join us. The garden ended up being closed, so we went to get my tattoo! ... Which was also closed. So we headed to the Moose for a chill time. It turned into hanging out with some chill drinks and good conversation for like 6 hours. I had planned on partying for Megan's birthday, joining the pub crawl Maria and them were doing, or both, but Sune and I were pretty tired and opted out of the party scene that night.
       When we got back, we got to FaceTime with Mom and the whole family while they were at Pa's birthday celebrations. Just two weeks in and Sune got to "meet" the whole family! 
       On Sunday, we went out for coffee and another walk through the Assistens, rambled some, laid in a big swing in a park for a bit enjoying the sun, had a brief game of football, and flew a plain to Paris (in a playground) before heading home. It was such a nice day with super clear blue skies for a change. He had hoped to see his sister and nephew that came into town but it didn't work out, so we just hung out, played guitar and watched more movies before I forced myself (always a battle) to head home. 
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      Three weekends ago, Jen and I met for lunch in the city for some burgers and onion rings at a place called Haché. Afterwards, we checked out the Glass Market for my first time which was pretty cool... Just lots of different food places. I, of course, got some coffee and a pastry. Jen had to go back for dinner, but I decided to stay in the city. I wandered around all day, spent entirely too much money (but got a super awesome purse so I don't really regret it), found where I'll be getting my tattoo done (finally!) and eventually wound up at Charlie's to wait for Jen to come back out. When she made it back, we stayed there for a little bit, then tried a new Charlie's that wasn't so good, and ended at The Moose where we ran into Bogdan and his friends for his last night in Copenhagen.
       It had been a really fun hanging out with Jen, but I ended up getting bummed and calling it a night... But not before taking a completely wrong train, getting off somewhere I don't think I've ever been, waiting 25 minutes for two different trains, and finally making it back, where I still had to walk home since my bike was in the shop for a flat. :/ pretty crappy night. 

      The next day, even after getting like 4 hours of sleep, I made it to play tennis with Kristina from my Danish class. I'm so glad I did too. It was great getting to play again, it took my mind off things, and was fun getting to hang out with her and meet her family. All I had planned for the rest of the day was to go back to Charlie's to retrieve my backpack (I'd left it there so I didn't have to carry it around on Friday.) I was excited to see Marc because I hadn't see in him since before Christmas probably, and planned on having an easy, early night. It was going that way for most of the night too. We just chilled and enjoyed the new band and the good company of the bar... Mr. Marco was so entertaining... Happiest man I've ever met. I kept attempting to leave, starting around 12 probably, but I kept staying when they played another song I liked... Which was until it was over. Morten and Sune (the band members of Morten and Sune's Cover Show... Great name, eh?) joined us when they were done, giving me the chance to meet and greet with Sune, a pretty great Danish guy. I can't exactly tell you exactly how that when down, but Eugene claims to know it all. 

      On Sunday, I got to spend the day with this great Danish guy. We went for coffee and a massive wander, or ramble as we called it and made it the theme for the day. The first place we went? A cemetery! Sounds so strange, but Assistens Cemetery is really popular place where people go for walks, runs, picnics, and just hanging out, just like a normal park. I hadn't been there yet and was curious what it was like after hearing people talk about it. It was surprisingly quite cool... Interesting plants, trees, and landscape, and just a really interesting atmosphere. We followed that with some pizza, checked out the queen's castle, which I thought I hadn't seen yet (I actually had I just didn't know it was a castle), then we just walked around for a while, searching for a place with music and coffee. We wound up just going back to Charlie's because I had to pick up my backpack anyway... I'd left it again when that was my main purpose for going the night before! So we just chilled with Charlie and Kasper for a bit before going back to watch a movie and stargazed the starless sky on his roof. It was a really great day and he seems like quite a nice guy. 
     Amazed at how quickly things can turn around. 

Assistens... (Didn't take this picture)
H.C.Anderson's grave 
(I didn't take these)
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Julen og Nytårs

Monday, January 7, 2013

Glædelig Jul!
             It's Christmas post time! :) A little late but that happens. I had a wonderful Christmas with friends and "family" and it was really cool getting to experience it with a different culture. I spent Christmas Eve with the family and Christmas Day with friends. Here, they do their big celebrations on the 24th and relax more the next two days. I got to share Mom's Christmas egg casserole with them for breakfast on the 24th. We then relaxed some, I went for a run, and I watched the kids while they went to church in the afternoon. I tried to get the kids to participate in Christmasy fun... Baking cookies, drawing Christmas pictures, but they weren't having it so I made cookies and drew a Christmas tree by myself. I went to the next church service when they got back. It was only 30minutes long! I came back for a lovely dinner of duck and potatoes. The duck was so delicious with some apple jelly dip. After dinner, we had the risalamande... Their rice porridge but made, instead, with cream, almonds, and sugar. The have a tradition of giving whoever gets the hidden whole almond a prize. After dessert was time to sing around the tree. Then came present time. I definitely prefer the waking up on Christmas Day to open presents tradition. Then you have the whole day for playing with new toys too. 
We had fun opening presents, and I got to "open" my backpack that Mom filled with presents. The kids liked the stockings I made for them too! :)
I had considered going to some Christmas celebrations with Bogdan but we didn't get done until like 10, I still had to make my next Christmas breakfast casserole for the next day, and I was quite exhausted so I stayed in. So the next morning, we had my French toast casserole (well Claus, Lotte, and I did... The kids didn't wanna try bread soaked in brown sugar and syrup... Weird right?) I then went for a "nap" that turned into 5 hours (of course) and woke up in a hurry to get ready for the "Lost Children's Club," a gathering of all the foreigners that weren't going home for Christmas. It was me, Jen, Fiona, the lovely host who's from Ireland, and three new friends; a couple from Latvia and a guy from Spain. We had a great meal of vegetarian dishes, and chicken that Jen provided for the meat eaters. Fiona had prepared a big feast with a delicous nut roast with butternut squash, mashed sweet potatoes, red cabbage, and veggies. Mulled wine and Fisk were also included of course. What's a Danish party without Fisk? It was such a great time with some cool characters, good food, music, drinks, and games! 
The next morning, I was going to catch a train to meet the family in Jutland, but due to complications, I decided to stay in and wound up just watching like 3 movies. It was nice and relaxing having an empty house to myself. I kind of wish I'd met them out there because I missed some good food and more celebrations but it was also stress free and nice staying in. 
Jen, Fiona, og mig
The feast!
One of the tattoos 
  Glædelig Nytår!
           Ah, New Years... It was wonderful New Years spent with Thomas and his friends at a Danish dinner party. His friend, Morten, made the dinner which was amazing. We had a salmon and asparagus appetizer that was delicious and beef Wellington for the main course. Everyone was really nice and I had a good time with everyone. Sara (also awesome) and I had fun with some rainbow tape, and Camilla and I enjoyed the Jell-O shots the most I think. Haha
             We went to the lakes for fireworks and music at midnight. The fireworks were awesome and just walking to the bridge was really cool with people shooting them off all along the way. I remember being quite happy walking through all this. We ran into Jen and briefly went to Charlie's before coming back to pass out... At least I did... Lightweight I guess. It was a super fun night. 
The super fancy table and Louise
Super good salmon appetizer
Beef Wellington in the making
My most normal picture from the night
Handcuffs and rainbow stickers
And done. 



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