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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

      Three weekends ago, Jen and I met for lunch in the city for some burgers and onion rings at a place called Haché. Afterwards, we checked out the Glass Market for my first time which was pretty cool... Just lots of different food places. I, of course, got some coffee and a pastry. Jen had to go back for dinner, but I decided to stay in the city. I wandered around all day, spent entirely too much money (but got a super awesome purse so I don't really regret it), found where I'll be getting my tattoo done (finally!) and eventually wound up at Charlie's to wait for Jen to come back out. When she made it back, we stayed there for a little bit, then tried a new Charlie's that wasn't so good, and ended at The Moose where we ran into Bogdan and his friends for his last night in Copenhagen.
       It had been a really fun hanging out with Jen, but I ended up getting bummed and calling it a night... But not before taking a completely wrong train, getting off somewhere I don't think I've ever been, waiting 25 minutes for two different trains, and finally making it back, where I still had to walk home since my bike was in the shop for a flat. :/ pretty crappy night. 

      The next day, even after getting like 4 hours of sleep, I made it to play tennis with Kristina from my Danish class. I'm so glad I did too. It was great getting to play again, it took my mind off things, and was fun getting to hang out with her and meet her family. All I had planned for the rest of the day was to go back to Charlie's to retrieve my backpack (I'd left it there so I didn't have to carry it around on Friday.) I was excited to see Marc because I hadn't see in him since before Christmas probably, and planned on having an easy, early night. It was going that way for most of the night too. We just chilled and enjoyed the new band and the good company of the bar... Mr. Marco was so entertaining... Happiest man I've ever met. I kept attempting to leave, starting around 12 probably, but I kept staying when they played another song I liked... Which was until it was over. Morten and Sune (the band members of Morten and Sune's Cover Show... Great name, eh?) joined us when they were done, giving me the chance to meet and greet with Sune, a pretty great Danish guy. I can't exactly tell you exactly how that when down, but Eugene claims to know it all. 

      On Sunday, I got to spend the day with this great Danish guy. We went for coffee and a massive wander, or ramble as we called it and made it the theme for the day. The first place we went? A cemetery! Sounds so strange, but Assistens Cemetery is really popular place where people go for walks, runs, picnics, and just hanging out, just like a normal park. I hadn't been there yet and was curious what it was like after hearing people talk about it. It was surprisingly quite cool... Interesting plants, trees, and landscape, and just a really interesting atmosphere. We followed that with some pizza, checked out the queen's castle, which I thought I hadn't seen yet (I actually had I just didn't know it was a castle), then we just walked around for a while, searching for a place with music and coffee. We wound up just going back to Charlie's because I had to pick up my backpack anyway... I'd left it again when that was my main purpose for going the night before! So we just chilled with Charlie and Kasper for a bit before going back to watch a movie and stargazed the starless sky on his roof. It was a really great day and he seems like quite a nice guy. 
     Amazed at how quickly things can turn around. 

Assistens... (Didn't take this picture)
H.C.Anderson's grave 
(I didn't take these)



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