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Oh, London

Monday, February 11, 2013

              I arrived in London Saturday and met up with Kelli.We went out to meet some of her friends at Urban Bar... But not before taking a slight (two hour) detour to a slightly ghetto area. But we made it to the bar and all was well. I got quite tired and was nearly ready to go home before some entertaining people reeled me in with their awesome dance moves. So the jacket was taken back off and my second wind arrived. I'm so glad it did too because it was one interesting night. 
       I got to witness the owner "lighting his crotch on fire," like I'd hear about, was handed an umbrella proceeded by "Raining Men" coming on the bar getting sprayed with water. Then There was an old lady with some crazy dance moves (mostly on a table) that took me back to Janice days (the token old lady frequenting the Jax Beach bars). 'Twas soon time to go home at around 2am (Oh, London... You are no Copenhagen.) but it was definitely a fun night nonetheless. 
               Sunday, was a very relaxing, food filled day. We went for a Sunday roast at Princess Victoria, a restaurant near her house, then shopped around for a bit and had some really good strawberry cake and coffee. 
                    Then it was rugby time! So we went to the Prince of Whales pub where her friend Ben met us to watch England beat Ireland. 
                    After the game, we met her friends for their traditional Sunday dinner where Lebanese was the pick for this week. It was a decent dinner but I think it's safe to say Lebanese isn't my top pick. 
                     It's Monday afternoon and I've taken shelter in some restaurant near my theater for tonight. I've been wandering around for like 5 hours checking off Neal's Yard, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace. I also had an "English breakfast" at a modest dive called Diane's Diner, with eggs, bacon, toast, and baked beans (just for you, Sune), and just had a traditional meat pie at the restaurant I escaped to. It was quite tasty but now I'm stuffed
                    I'm currently immobile due to this silly leg injury, it's only 2:04pm, and my play isn't until 7:30. Soo, I think these waiters will be seeing a lot of me as I sit here until it's time to see Wicked!
                   It's obviously quite irritating that my leg is making this trip halfway miserable but I'm trying to work around it. It may work out nicely that David had his (originally inconveniently scheduled) knee surgery last week. Now we can both be crippled together. It sounds like he has a good plan for us now too... Driving around Scotland sounds pretty ace right now. And even if I can't do the caleigh, I've always been a fan of just watching people dance. Surely I'll do some though. 
                    So far, Neal's Yard in Covent Garden was probably my favorite. It's funny too because I literally just walked in, took some pictures, then went back to eat breakfast at Diane's... The cafes in there were closed and it was rainy, but it was still so pretty and just a little nook of happy. It was also just a big success finding it because that was one of the only things I'd looked up beforehand and wanted to see, and I'd almost given up on finding it when I kept getting different directions. So finally making it to this little colorful oasis was a goal accomplished. 
                  I unfortunately only admired all the great spots like Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, and others from the outside. They were too expensive or had really long lines in the rain. They were, of course, very beautiful. Big Ben was one of my favorites, and the rest were super cool sights. Can't diss the Tower Bridge! Buckingham Palace was also an obviously amazing place too. No sighting of the queen this time! 
So now... I will wait. 
I think I'll write some raps. 
Or poems. Same thing right?
Neal's Yard! :)

Oh, rainy London



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