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Let's Just (Go) to London

Friday, February 8, 2013

UK, here I come!
 Heading off on my next adventure to England and Scotland tomorrow! It's been too long since the last and 
I cannot wait. 
Not only will I get to spend a week in these amazing countries, but I'll get to explore them with two friends!
I'm staying with Kelli, the daughter of my mom's best friend, in London for four days, then taking a night bus to Glasgow and staying with David, a guy I met while he was visiting Jacksonville! 
Crazy the connections you can make in life! Meet a guy visiting Florida for a week for a football tournament, then visit him in his country a year later. 
It sounds like they have some fun stuff planned already too... Some special pub, restaurant, and rugby with Kelli, then castles and a CĂ©ilidh, a Scottish dance with David. 
In other news, life's going pretty well. The job is becoming less of a favorite but other parts of life are making up for it. 
A lot of that making up is due to Sune. He's continued to be pretty wonderful. 
We went to a pretty relaxed concert last night where he knew one of the singers. Both bands that played were quite enjoyable too. 
And the crowd was so cool...We were honored to be a part of it. 
In the last couple weeks, Sune and I have had a lot of good times... Last weekend we had our own pub crawl, hit every genre of bars (live music, cozy, dance party, and chill), met some crazy dancers, made bets on foosball, and made New Groundhog's Day Resolutions. 
Making epic breakfasts has become our specialty... French toast with bacon, eggs and sausage, apple cinnamon pancakes with eggs... it's always a feast.
We've watched lots of movies, played lots of music, done lots of rambling, acted like apes, drank lots of coffee, made lots of (never remembered) band names, yet still have time for lots of laziness. 
And I think we'll forever have the botanical garden on our to do list... One day. 
I'm really having a lot of fun with him. 
Ah, and he wrote me a song! :)
 Mentioned it to Claus who asked if it was good...
Of course it was good!
I'm quite a fan. 

In crappy news... My bike was stolen.
 And my leg hurts more than any pain I've ever had. Even my broken collar bone. 
But at least it's due to the 
13.1 Miles I ran last week. 
That's probably one of my biggest accomplishments. A half marathon completed (in 2:01) from a girl that used  to dread the one mile run in elementary school and for King College tennis. 

Also, I've actually began learning the harmonica.
I think that's all for now folks. 



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