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Open-Mic, Elephants, and Polish Birthdays

Monday, February 25, 2013

            Last Wednesday, Sune and I went to an awesome open mic at Drop In for him to meet a girl he might sing with. There were so many great bands and it was awesome seeing him play... He's so good! And so cute. And I'm not biased at all! ;)  Some guy kept telling me how hott and amazing Sune was. I obviously agreed.
            Lisa, the girl Sune was meeting to play with, was a really cool character. She was so nice and just very unique. We both said how she was "just an interesting human." A good singer too. She has a cool, blues style, with lots of attitude during her song. She had a pretty interesting story too... She's from Vermont/New York, lived in China for 9 months and then moved here with her Danish boyfriend. 
          I got to meet Sys Bjerre too! I pointed her out to Sune because she had pink hair like Maria's and he said "that's Sys Bjerre... She's famous." Now, Sys Bjerre was my first and still favorite singer after moving here, so I didn't believe him for a while. I finally got the nerve to go talk to her though. She was surprised either that I knew who she was or that I was a big fan. Apparently there were a couple other famous guy musicians there, one which came and talked to me that was supposedly in a rock band in the 90's or something. 
            Ah it was just such a nice night... great music, meeting my favorite singer, seeing Sune play... and Sune and I were both extra lovey. It was so nice. We tried to watch Dark Knight Rises before my early train but I opted for cuddles and (2 hours of) sleep. Followed by chilling on the steps outside my house for an hour because I forgot my keys... If I kept up with my Mishaps, this post would be huge. 

   Here's one of Sys Bjerre's songs!

This weekend continued to be a good one. 
Friday night, I took Eugene legit Scottish whisky for his very late Christmas present/bet winnings. 
Met up with Maria here and caught up after being gone for our travels
Sune came out too for a fun now out. 
We left to go find Hornsleth Bar, a bar decorated by a very interest, explicit artist. It was too long of a line though so we just headed home. 
        Saturday started out with lazy card games, a long search for a bike key that ended up being in my pocket, good food at the Glass Market, and strategic planning on a napkin our plan of attack to fit three parties into one night. 
We also cycled over to see the elephants at the zoo! (You can see them from the park by the zoo without actually going in) Well, usually... They must've been in for dinner or something so we just personified the ducks and the drama that was going on with them and their love lives. That was funny too. 
We decided on splitting up at the start of the night and meeting up later. So Maria, Thomas and I headed to Ewelina's birthday party. 
Wine, beer, and some ridiculous "fine export Polish vodka" took its brutal toll
and Maria, Thomas, and I took a taxi home. Tak igen for det, venner! 
It was still a great time and was great seeing these friends it'd been way too long .
 Didn't make it to either of the other two parties though.
As I was about to give up, halfway up the four flights of stairs, my sweet boy asked if I wanted a piece of gum...
"You wanna a piece of me?!" I replied laughing. Those stairs can be rough. 

            On Sunday, I surprisingly woke up at 9:30 feeling great. I don't know how that happens. But I started a movie, passed out again, then woke up for an epic breakfast. We didn't do much this day besides lounge around watching silly music videos like this and this, and starting watching The Jerk again before MIT (new slang for Maria, Thomas, and I) went to retrieve our bikes from Ewelina's. Then Sune had family time, M&T had lazy time, and my phone was dead so I went home for lazy time.
 Sjov gange. :)

On our search for the elephants. Could he be more beautiful?!
 Here's some of Sune's songs too! :)

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European Experiences

Sunday, February 17, 2013

(I've been on a roll with all these alliterations)
Here is a collection of the new experiences, foods, events, etc I tried while in Europe (With ratings)
(Click away on the links... You never know what you're gonna get!) 

Traveling solo ***
Milking a cow *****
Risengrød *
Risalamande **
Tablet ***
Meat pie ***

Céilidh *****

A Tribute to Biking

   Why Biking is Awesome...

It's so good for you physically. Even when you've been partaking in some drinking, biking to and from the bars (nearly) makes it ok. 
It's freeWell besides bike repairs. I'll take that over insane train, bus, taxi, or car prices. 
It's fun!
It's a good social thing too. Biking with people can be so nice
The whole "good for the environment" bit
It can clear your mind 
You see more while biking
You are getting yourself where you need to be. No relying on outside transportation/drivers/etc. Knowing you are capable of getting yourself from point A to point B is empowering in a way. 

It can bring fun mother-daughter memories...

(I can't take credit for all the following pictures.)
It makes for cute couple pictures like these...

It could make you hip like this guy...
Or this girl!
Or this guy and girl!
You can see places like this...
And accomplish dreams!
... One Direction does it?

But fa real dough...

If these points don't instantly compel you to hop on a bike right now...
You are uncompellable...

Wonderful Words

Some of the wonderful, strange, and effective words learned from my travels...

Shattered: extremely tired
Knackered: Ditto
Rubbish: crappy; trash. Ex. Beastie Boys are so rubbish. (Or) My iPhones always wind up being such rubbish. 
Wee: little (of course) I'm just a wee bit excited about coming home. 
Ace: really cool. Ex. Copenhagen is really ace. 
Proper: appropriate; authentic; legit; really. Ex. That was a proper Danish dance. (Or) I'm proper shattered. 
Jobby: poop! Ex? Not sure how it'd be used... 
Knob: a crappy dude. Ex. Thomas Barrow is no longer a knob.

Lessons Learned

           During my time in Copenhagen, traveling Europe, meeting new people, trying new things, and growing as a person, there's such a huge collection of things I've learned, whether big or small, and here they are. And, of course, there will be more to come. 

I do get homesick
I guess America is pretty cool. I think it will always be home... 
Voting is important. 
How to milk a cow
Irishmen don't say "top of the morning to ya" 
Lots about songs' histories (Jimi's song about his girlfriend drinking Jagger's blood)
Nothing immediately bad happens if you take communion from a Catholic church
Scotland is awesome. Much better than London. (Success, David!)
Traveling alone for 14 hours in a city can be difficult 
I need sun
I need to go to Thailand
I should never order beyond "mild" at an Indian restaurant 
Biking everywhere is awesome. 
London is overrated. 
 I work best with appreciative, encouraging people 
Getting out of your comfort zone is crucial 

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Sunny Scotland

          Making my way back home after three great days in Scotland. On Thursday, David and I did a tour of Edinburgh which was really nice. We met up with two of his friends for lunch there, and I had cullen skink, a traditional Scotish dish... a potato soup with fish basically. Was really good. This was our super touristy day, doing a bus tour where we learned about the "horrible histories" of Edinburgh which mostly consisted of executions, then we toured The Real Mary King's Close. This is an underground street that resulted from the building of the "new town." When they built the new town, they just built it right on top of the old one. They often kept plague victims down there. Edinburgh was a really unique city, with the castle right in the middle of the city.
          That night, we headed back to Glasgow to meet a lot of his friends out for a couple drinks before heading to an Indian restaurant. I come to Scotland and get Indian food two nights in a row... Haha it was really good though and the company was even better. Everyone was so interesting and unique. There were people from England, Ireland, and Scotland and all so funny in their unique ways too; there was Leo, an Irishman whose "forte was bad jokes," Ross, a lively Scot, who was described as a socialite with ADHD, Tina with an awesome, eccentric personality and great stories, reminding me of Jeanetta, Ian, an Englishman with a wildman persona, and David with his spot on sarcasm. They were all part of a BBC show, Waterloo Road, so I'm definitely going to have to check it out soon. Dave and I went back early as we were shattered from the long day. 
             As most of them said, Friday was "the most Scottish day they'd had in a long time." David and three of his friends, Leo, Ross, and Charlotte, and I packed into the car and drove to the mountains. We drove by Loch Lomond (a lake near Glasgow), Luss (a cute little town by the lake with incredible mountain views... And tablet that I had to try which is like praline), and Odan, our last stop that was another picturesque little town where we had lunch. We had lots of theatrical singing of musical songs, the accent game ending in the whole car just being super impressed with Charlottes's posh, English accent, and learning lots of random facts from Leo, like Jimi writing a song about his girlfriend drinking Jagger's blood and many more trivia facts. We also learned all about everything
that started/was invented in Scotland... Basically everything. It was an unbelievably beautiful drive through the highlands of Scotland, with cool people, good humor, and great roadtripping music thanks to Ross. We even got to see a highland cow!
            After a long day of driving, we made it back to Glasgow around 7 and were off to the céilidh shortly after. I nearly thought about missing it since I was so tired and the long, early travel day ahead seemed daunting, but luckily I talked myself out of missing out on something so cool. I figured that'd be crazy to miss Scotland's traditional Scottish dance while in Scotland. After dinner where I tried some haggis, and wasn't a huge fan, we went to Sloans, a bar that Maria had told me about that has céilidhs every Friday. It was such a good time. We only stayed for a couple dances because David needed to rest his leg, and I needed rest for my flight. I'm so glad we went though. The dances were so fun and it was just a really good laugh. 
              Oh and the weather was surprisingly amazing in Scotland! Super blue, sunny skies and not so cold. Glasgow had a pretty serious reputation about being a really tough n rough town that just cusses, fights, and drinks all the time, but I think not! I really liked it. Granted I did tend to go for the "bad boys" in school, but I think this city deserves more glory. Everyone I met was wonderful and the city was super unique, interesting, and filled with cool history. The bars and area we went one night were great too with pretty little cobblestone paths lit by cute lights. Very cozy. 
                                And now I'm on the plane, making my way back to the lovely CPH!

   And a special thanks to... 
Kelli and David. I'm beyond grateful to both of you for being such great hosts and guides for me. It's crazy to think too, that I'd only really seen David for like two days before going to visit him in Scotland. It felt like we'd been good friends for a while! He was really worried about me not having a good time since he wasn't so mobile but it was a great time anyway! 
 Thanks to all of their friends too that were so nice and fun, making the trip a good one, with a special thanks to Leo for driving me to the airport and Charlotte for driving us all around Scotland! 
 Tusind tak, alle! 

See you soon Copenhagen! :)
Some awesome pictures of the roadtrip thanks to Leo!
The whole roadtripping crew... Ross, David, me, Charlotte and Leo 

The castle used in the Downton Abbey Christmas special!
Photo credit: Tina Hicks :)
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Stonehenge to Glasgow

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

 I'm out of London! 
My opinion of this city didn't end great. 
To get the negatives over with... 
It was rainy 
I was lonely 
My leg was killing me (likely cause for a lot of my sour view of London) 
Lines were long
People weren't that friendly 
My phone was STOLEN. Right after my visit to Stonehenge so all those pictures were lost. 
The bus ride from London to Glasgow sucked. Not only did I have to wait like 7 hours to leave when I was really ready to leave by like 4, but the strangers in front of me felt the need to share their entire life stories at 12am on a 9 hour bus ride, the guy next to me blasted his "Call Me Maybe" and futuristic style music on his earphones, and it was soo uncomfortable with me leg. 

One bad thing about traveling alone is it can be difficult to wander a city from 8am-10pm. Sometimes I just want a nap. There's only so much cafe and restaurant sitting, church exploring, museum seeing, and building observing one can take. 

But now, to end on the positives...
Wicked was INCREDIBLE. Best play I've ever seen. The music was amazing, it was so funny, and I thought the story was so creative.
I had a nice stroll through Notting Hill and Hyde Park, seeing Kensington Palace, being totally amused thinking about this whole royalty thing, and wandered this beautifully landscaped park filled with people, dogs, ponds and ducks. Loved the ponds. 
So Stonehenge was pre.tty. tight. The only disappointment I had with it was the (for some reason) unexpected touristyness of it. I was irrationally wanting just a big open field with some big rocks I could touch (and test their healing power), and just chill in the grass next to such strange wonders of the world. 
I did have a private tour where the bus driver just addressed "the bus" as "my dear."  Maybe that's part of what gave me false expectations of it being a wild, secluded site. Nonetheless, I'm definitely glad I went. 
I met an entertaining lady while waiting for the bus. Very talkative but worth it. She had such an interesting life. 

Oh! I got to go to Monday Mass! Seeing as how going to church in as many countries as possible is on my bucket list and I missed a perfect chance to go in London on Sunday, I was pretty upset with myself. But then, after my 5 hours of sitting in a restaurant, I decided to wander just a bit before Wicked started. I decided to go in to check out this church, Westminster Cathedral, and Mass was just starting! Perfect timing. So I experienced Mass for the first time, added that to my list for my bucket list, and lit a votive candle and said a prayer for Grandma Jeanne. That's the second country she's got a fire burning in. Even if she didn't get to travel these places herself, I'm bringing her with me! I lit it in front of the Irish cathedral inside the church too which was beautiful. This church was one of my favorites. It was really unique and all the little cathedrals it had on the sides were devoted to different saints from different countries and decorated accordingly. They were incredible. 
Ah, and I took a Catholic communion. Not sure what's supposed to happen there!

And now I'm finally in Scotland! It was nice and snowy this morning but now it's rainy again. But David and Mark, his roommate, took me to a good breakfast, then I did a quick one and a half hour tour of the Glasgow Cathedral, Necropolis, and Provens Lordship, a museum in the oldest house in Glasgow. 
The church was awesome, of course, the cemetery was really cool with crazy, big tombs along a spiraly hill with a good view, and my favorite part about the museum was the information about the "characters of Glasgow." These are the poor or disabled people that were often street performers. There were little write ups about them and sketches that were all interesting. 
Now David and I are just chilling, searching for a movie to watch tonight while eating some delicious Indian food. 
I think the rest of the week will make up for all the not so good occurrences from the beginning of the week. 

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Oh, London

Monday, February 11, 2013

              I arrived in London Saturday and met up with Kelli.We went out to meet some of her friends at Urban Bar... But not before taking a slight (two hour) detour to a slightly ghetto area. But we made it to the bar and all was well. I got quite tired and was nearly ready to go home before some entertaining people reeled me in with their awesome dance moves. So the jacket was taken back off and my second wind arrived. I'm so glad it did too because it was one interesting night. 
       I got to witness the owner "lighting his crotch on fire," like I'd hear about, was handed an umbrella proceeded by "Raining Men" coming on the bar getting sprayed with water. Then There was an old lady with some crazy dance moves (mostly on a table) that took me back to Janice days (the token old lady frequenting the Jax Beach bars). 'Twas soon time to go home at around 2am (Oh, London... You are no Copenhagen.) but it was definitely a fun night nonetheless. 
               Sunday, was a very relaxing, food filled day. We went for a Sunday roast at Princess Victoria, a restaurant near her house, then shopped around for a bit and had some really good strawberry cake and coffee. 
                    Then it was rugby time! So we went to the Prince of Whales pub where her friend Ben met us to watch England beat Ireland. 
                    After the game, we met her friends for their traditional Sunday dinner where Lebanese was the pick for this week. It was a decent dinner but I think it's safe to say Lebanese isn't my top pick. 
                     It's Monday afternoon and I've taken shelter in some restaurant near my theater for tonight. I've been wandering around for like 5 hours checking off Neal's Yard, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace. I also had an "English breakfast" at a modest dive called Diane's Diner, with eggs, bacon, toast, and baked beans (just for you, Sune), and just had a traditional meat pie at the restaurant I escaped to. It was quite tasty but now I'm stuffed
                    I'm currently immobile due to this silly leg injury, it's only 2:04pm, and my play isn't until 7:30. Soo, I think these waiters will be seeing a lot of me as I sit here until it's time to see Wicked!
                   It's obviously quite irritating that my leg is making this trip halfway miserable but I'm trying to work around it. It may work out nicely that David had his (originally inconveniently scheduled) knee surgery last week. Now we can both be crippled together. It sounds like he has a good plan for us now too... Driving around Scotland sounds pretty ace right now. And even if I can't do the caleigh, I've always been a fan of just watching people dance. Surely I'll do some though. 
                    So far, Neal's Yard in Covent Garden was probably my favorite. It's funny too because I literally just walked in, took some pictures, then went back to eat breakfast at Diane's... The cafes in there were closed and it was rainy, but it was still so pretty and just a little nook of happy. It was also just a big success finding it because that was one of the only things I'd looked up beforehand and wanted to see, and I'd almost given up on finding it when I kept getting different directions. So finally making it to this little colorful oasis was a goal accomplished. 
                  I unfortunately only admired all the great spots like Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, and others from the outside. They were too expensive or had really long lines in the rain. They were, of course, very beautiful. Big Ben was one of my favorites, and the rest were super cool sights. Can't diss the Tower Bridge! Buckingham Palace was also an obviously amazing place too. No sighting of the queen this time! 
So now... I will wait. 
I think I'll write some raps. 
Or poems. Same thing right?
Neal's Yard! :)

Oh, rainy London
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Let's Just (Go) to London

Friday, February 8, 2013

UK, here I come!
 Heading off on my next adventure to England and Scotland tomorrow! It's been too long since the last and 
I cannot wait. 
Not only will I get to spend a week in these amazing countries, but I'll get to explore them with two friends!
I'm staying with Kelli, the daughter of my mom's best friend, in London for four days, then taking a night bus to Glasgow and staying with David, a guy I met while he was visiting Jacksonville! 
Crazy the connections you can make in life! Meet a guy visiting Florida for a week for a football tournament, then visit him in his country a year later. 
It sounds like they have some fun stuff planned already too... Some special pub, restaurant, and rugby with Kelli, then castles and a Céilidh, a Scottish dance with David. 
In other news, life's going pretty well. The job is becoming less of a favorite but other parts of life are making up for it. 
A lot of that making up is due to Sune. He's continued to be pretty wonderful. 
We went to a pretty relaxed concert last night where he knew one of the singers. Both bands that played were quite enjoyable too. 
And the crowd was so cool...We were honored to be a part of it. 
In the last couple weeks, Sune and I have had a lot of good times... Last weekend we had our own pub crawl, hit every genre of bars (live music, cozy, dance party, and chill), met some crazy dancers, made bets on foosball, and made New Groundhog's Day Resolutions. 
Making epic breakfasts has become our specialty... French toast with bacon, eggs and sausage, apple cinnamon pancakes with eggs... it's always a feast.
We've watched lots of movies, played lots of music, done lots of rambling, acted like apes, drank lots of coffee, made lots of (never remembered) band names, yet still have time for lots of laziness. 
And I think we'll forever have the botanical garden on our to do list... One day. 
I'm really having a lot of fun with him. 
Ah, and he wrote me a song! :)
 Mentioned it to Claus who asked if it was good...
Of course it was good!
I'm quite a fan. 

In crappy news... My bike was stolen.
 And my leg hurts more than any pain I've ever had. Even my broken collar bone. 
But at least it's due to the 
13.1 Miles I ran last week. 
That's probably one of my biggest accomplishments. A half marathon completed (in 2:01) from a girl that used  to dread the one mile run in elementary school and for King College tennis. 

Also, I've actually began learning the harmonica.
I think that's all for now folks. 



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