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4 Months Later...

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Holy mackerel guys,
I knew I'd been failing miserably at this whole blog deal, but I didn't realize it had been since MAY. Since then, I said "Yes, of course!" to a man with a ring on his pinky in the Atlantic Ocean. That man and I trekked around Costa Rica and Panama for two fantastic weeks.

I jumped back into the craziness of Lindamood-Bell and am thoroughly enjoying it. We have the most intriguing, fun kiddos.

In July, I witnessed another of the Bests become a wife to her very comical hubs. Such a fun wedding, as you can see from a snapshot below.

One weekend, I finally visited Ms. Leslie Wiles in her new Georgia home and had our senses overloaded at the Buford Farmers Market. That place is nuts. We filled our cart with fruits we never heard of that needed intensive cutting instructions and safety warnings.

I started on my track to GRAD SCHOOL for speech language pathology. Now I've covered four types of colleges: private Christian college, community college, university, and bigger university with a football team. Super excited to have found this career. Wishing I'd realized it sooner! I also had the pleasure of shadowing my best friend at her work. Besties Private Practice coming up.

After too many missed summers, I went on a trip to Alabama to visit the Grandparents. It was Alabama appropriate with okra picking and frying, grilling out on the back porch, potting plants, embroidering, and Sunday morning at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.

Much more recently, I had a lovely reunion with Dana and Martin and a Labor Day BBQ at The Bakers' new house where I put Grandma's fried okra into practice. Success!

I ran 0 miles in the entire month of August. I think that's the first 0mile month I've had in like 5 years. The heat was too easy of an excuse. Changing this soon. Tomorrow?

I discovered the deliciousness of this quinoa shrimp meal that you should try ASAP. And this pork heaven.

I will try try try to do better with this. Maybe I'll even share my post about our Central American adventure on here soon. One can only hope.

Pa got a selfie stick, so we selfie in front of breakfast. 



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