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My Letters

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dear Jacksonville, sometimes I don't give you enough credit, but you're really not so bad. I'll try harder to focus on you and control my lust for Denmark. Though I do miss it mucho lately.

Dear Watercolor Painting Endeavors, you are challenging me in patience, creativity, and persistence. 
One actual original of Boston. Not done yet though!

Dear Genevieve,You know I love you when I go to work on my day off for a special visit and storytime. You're the best. This little one got released back into the world yesterday. She brought much joy and laughter to my days and will always have a special place in my heart.

Dear New Watch, forget graduating college, getting a big girl job, paying bills, getting my own apartment, and other grown up things, I feel like you were my final rite of passage into adulthood. 
Dear Super Tinder Chris, I'm so excited you're a fan of this here blog that you get your own shoutout. And this link to read about our orig meeting endeavors in case you missed it. I'm still amused at our ridiculously convenient timing the other day with you running by my place at the exact time I come out to start my run. The world is weird.

Dear Meryl, I thoroughly enjoyed our homemade breakfast feast and windy beach day. 

I always love finding appreciative readers. Hint hint:  Leave some comments for me, friends! :)
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Green Room, Meteors, and Abbidence

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Let me start by explaining that my roommate doesn't tend to worry too much about me. Some friends have expressed their fear for my well being on different occasions, but Roomie? He's just not a worrier. 

Well he worried about me last night. I can't blame him either, after hearing him describe coming home at 1:30am to see my bike in the bushes and my keys not even in their usual place on the couch. This made it seriously look like I'd been abducted.

 "If Leslie had been here to see that, she would've called the cops, the FBI, and gotten your face put on milk jugs."

Fortunately, I'm not blogging to you from a basement of a crazy. The night started  with getting some brews with Super Cool Dana and her awesome hubs at Green Room. Those brews, in particular are the ones I always forget the power of. So just three in made for a bra and shoeless night (typical Abby protocol). 

So I got home and decided
"I need to see the beach..." Then I decided "I need to sleep on it." Then decided "maybe not. I should sleep in my house." And started walking back up. Then decided, "No. I gotta do this." So I turned back around and found a comfy spot. Then woke up and walked back in. Not sure what my last deciding factor was. Roomie's concern even warranted a text checking on me. No response though.   

"I could just see you coming home, getting a big smile on your face saying 'meteor shower!' And throwing the bike down and running to the beach." 

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of any of this, though the Roomie thought about taking a picture of the poor bike like he has other Abbidence (evidence of Abby drinking). 

So that was my night. No abductions. No  no meteors. 
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My Makeup Bag... Sarcasm Included

Friday, May 23, 2014

I've often seen bloggers share what's in their makeup bags to help their envious readers get their flawless look. At least then, maybe we can feel a little closer to having the seemingly perfect lives of our cyber crushes. 

So in case you're all wondering how I get this flawless look of natural beauty, here's all my very new, expensive, secret tips. 
Here, you see my awesome liquid Revlon eyeliner that actually is awesome. Thanks Lauren Elizabeth for sharing this wonder. 

Then you've got my like 5+ years old Almay powder I nabbed from my Ocala Home when I ran out of my other powder. Forget replacing them with new, good ones... I'll go with the one that was abandoned and unused for years for a reason. The cracked case and powder plus the ripped applicator(?) just add that much more character. You'd think this picture would've been the last memory of that powder before it hit the trash, but no. It went right back in that bag. My little Almay Trooper. 

My Merle Norman foundation was actually awesome too... But was purchased for my brother's wedding... My senior year of high school. This was another find on an Ocala bathroom raid. 

Lastly, my trusty Cover Girl mascara. I'm not so sure it even makes my eyelashes any darker any more, but I brush it on anyways, making me feel like I'm accenting the eyeballs and doing a good job at being a girl. Sometimes. 

Now don't even think about spending time in front of the mirror applying these products. They have to be done in the car (at stop lights of course) to get the incredible results you see on this here lady.  
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High Five for Friday

Friday, May 16, 2014

 It's actually Friday for me! Welcome, normal work week!
This week's highs were
1. An encouraging, exciting first week at the new job. What is this new job I haven't divulged about? I'll be a tutor at an incredible company called Lindamood-Bell. I've never been one to see myself staying at the same job my whole life or even the same company... I got the feeling I could with this place on the first day of training. Amazing staff, great theories, positive attitude, research-based, and it's all over the states and growing. Pretty dang pumped about this job and the company. 

2. Getting back on the healthy train. I rode my bike and ran for the last three days and started this morning off with a ride. 

3. Cleaning out my closet and stowing away those winter clothes! Bring it on, Summer!

4. Conversations with Pa and Grandma on the phone. I dunno why in the world I don't call them more. 

5. The exciting, love-filled farewell with one of my clients the other day. I rushed over to Daniel before work on Wednesday when I found out her discharge date was moved up and got the biggest, excited hug. 

6. Oh and soaking up this view after one of my runs this week. High Six today. 

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Homeless Struggles and Tricks

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Strangely I'm getting pleasure from my recent times of economic struggling. These are some of the thrilling experiences plus homeless tricks I've been using...
For a little background on how ridiculous it's been, I got paid last Friday. I had $11 in my account by Monday. And I wasn't even buying my booze that weekend. That was practically all bills. Come Tuesday I had to pay for car insurance, so I had to dive into my elephant money for exactly the right amount.  

I used the ten dollars left over for my gas. That was gone in two days. I figured I'd make it through the weekend without a car, but I was actually working on a Monday and wasn't getting nanny money til Tuesday. (Or so I thought...That hasn't come in yet though). So I rode my bike to Publix in hopes of exchanging a gift card with a stranger for money... The gift card was empty. I had a Walmart card too, but not enough gas to make it there. 

Les and I tried to scheme to find ways to make money, like asking strangers on the street to exchange cash for the Walmart card, or busking for the first time. I did attempt to play the harmonica while chillin on the beach but no money. Cheers were good enough for now. Note to self: don't get sand in a harmonica. 

Shamefully, I accepted the cash found on my nightstand (thanks Roomie!) on Monday morning, since I didn't really want to risk it on my first day of work. But it actually would've worked out ok I think, because I'd found $6 in change, then remembered I had an in-store credit to Ace hardware. So I took that in after work and exchanged it with a kind stranger. Then a couple of my dresses on eBay sold! Unfortunately, I don't have the money to ship em yet though. But that was exciting nonetheless. 
So I've had $1 in my account since Saturday. 

Some homeless tricks: 
Bogarding Bananas from work.
Taking advantage of free coffee at work.   
Paying for lunch in change. 
Taking tuna the rest of the days. 
Bartering with strangers for gift cards/in store credit receipts. 
Free Publix coffee. 
Peanut butter and crackers. Paleo loses precedence in these times. 
Les and I can seriously do it up, though, and still concoct delicious seafood feasts with my Freezer Survivors. 
Gotta try dumpster diving again soon. 

Really hoping that nanny check comes in today! 

Share some homeless tricks with me, friends! I need em!
Think I broke a record, going 60miles once the light came on. Not doing that again. 
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High Five for Friday

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Friday, readers! It's definitely feeling like summer this week. A little worried how the following months will be if I'm sweatin in my seats this much this early in May.

Highlights from this week are...
1. The lovely Leslie time I was blessed with yesterday. What better way to vent and relax than on the beach, with your girl, and a cocktail? As we were growing even closer talking all about life and it's crazy turns, all I could think about was "What would I have done if we hadn't bonded over Finger Mustaches those 5+ years ago?"

2. Starting my free Danish language class online with the Jacksonville library. Of all the language course I've taken, this one looks like a winner. I think I may actually learn some Danish. I didn't wanna stop. Plus breezing through the first units made me feel pretty good.  

3. Finally having the chance to struggle and learn to survive. Making it happen with an empty bank account, piggy bank savings, leftover walmart and publix gift cards, another week til pay day, and a parched tank of gas is actually thrilling. I can do this! I'm only accepting donations/charity on here for my writing, so don't even think about clicking that "transfer" button, Mama! 'ppreciate it though. ;)

4. Story time with the kids the other night... My teenager clients reading to me. Their extreme concern for my hurting feet and disregard for their smell in order to relieve their pain was strangely special. Thanks for lookin out, guys. I know those suckers weren't pleasant. 

5. Being updated with good news from a Sweet Soul I haven't heard from in a while. So good to to hear from you, Dawn. You were one of my biggest encouragers in starting this here blog... It's about time you get your own shoutout!

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Vegabonds and a Woosah Morning

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The other day, my neighbor informed me that his brother's band was coming to town.
"So there would be a lot of musicians running around. Hope you're cool with that..." 
"Of course that's cool."
..."And they're all single? This week's looking up."

Throughout the week, I saw them a couple times while hanging out on the porch. I later tried to assure them that I wasn't out there just because they were here... I always drink my coffee out there. And that I was really worried about them seeing me doing yoga, half naked, in my apartment, making it look even worse. That's just what I do.

Thanks to Neighbor's free tickets, I actually made it to the concert after work and was thoroughly impressed. Vegabonds. Check em out. They're an awesome group of Alabama dudes with some great southern rock jams. One interesting superlative about the concert? The fans were the best smelling concert fans I've ever smelled. 
"We attract the dapper ones." 

                          Bro love 
We walked on over to the after party that was a little glamorous than I expected... I don't know what I was expecting exactly, but hanging out with these guys, drinking beer on the front porch was good enough for me. We continued the party at our place for quite an entertaining night. Despite mysterious injuries of the singer waking up with his eye and rib hurting, me with a knot on my elbow, stray bottles and food, and an unhappy text from the roomie about the noise til 5am, good choices were actually made. But these still led to some laughs and wander.
Roomie might not have been a fan of the band but Chomp sure was. 
Pure joy. 

I was extremely tempted to go with the band to the Hangout Festival in Alabama, buut I figured I probably shouldn't do that to work... Especially after giving them my two weeks! Yep. That's some other big news in itself... Switching to part time with Daniel and starting work as a tutor. More updates on that soon.  

Now... I'm relaxing in my bed before heading to work, after a fantastic start to my day. It started with a walk on the beach and conversations in the sand with a friend that continues to impress me by his compassion and rare qualities. We continued our "Beach Life 2014" and biked to Biscuits... Delicious biscuits. Much contentment was shared with our happy bellies, hot coffee, and good company with the cool, May rain doing a damn good job at making it that much more peaceful. 
I got a little worried hopeful that the rain wouldn't stop so I'd have an excuse to call into work. But it took a break for just the right amount of time for us to bike home and then be blessed by it again for our Front Porch Sitting. It couldn't have been more relaxing. We shared some of our dreams and passions that have been pushed to the side for whatever reasons, and started bringing them back into the light again.  

Today was the perfect amount of Woosah, good conversations, encouraging passions, and making goals to achieve forgotten dreams. 



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