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Vegabonds and a Woosah Morning

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The other day, my neighbor informed me that his brother's band was coming to town.
"So there would be a lot of musicians running around. Hope you're cool with that..." 
"Of course that's cool."
..."And they're all single? This week's looking up."

Throughout the week, I saw them a couple times while hanging out on the porch. I later tried to assure them that I wasn't out there just because they were here... I always drink my coffee out there. And that I was really worried about them seeing me doing yoga, half naked, in my apartment, making it look even worse. That's just what I do.

Thanks to Neighbor's free tickets, I actually made it to the concert after work and was thoroughly impressed. Vegabonds. Check em out. They're an awesome group of Alabama dudes with some great southern rock jams. One interesting superlative about the concert? The fans were the best smelling concert fans I've ever smelled. 
"We attract the dapper ones." 

                          Bro love 
We walked on over to the after party that was a little glamorous than I expected... I don't know what I was expecting exactly, but hanging out with these guys, drinking beer on the front porch was good enough for me. We continued the party at our place for quite an entertaining night. Despite mysterious injuries of the singer waking up with his eye and rib hurting, me with a knot on my elbow, stray bottles and food, and an unhappy text from the roomie about the noise til 5am, good choices were actually made. But these still led to some laughs and wander.
Roomie might not have been a fan of the band but Chomp sure was. 
Pure joy. 

I was extremely tempted to go with the band to the Hangout Festival in Alabama, buut I figured I probably shouldn't do that to work... Especially after giving them my two weeks! Yep. That's some other big news in itself... Switching to part time with Daniel and starting work as a tutor. More updates on that soon.  

Now... I'm relaxing in my bed before heading to work, after a fantastic start to my day. It started with a walk on the beach and conversations in the sand with a friend that continues to impress me by his compassion and rare qualities. We continued our "Beach Life 2014" and biked to Biscuits... Delicious biscuits. Much contentment was shared with our happy bellies, hot coffee, and good company with the cool, May rain doing a damn good job at making it that much more peaceful. 
I got a little worried hopeful that the rain wouldn't stop so I'd have an excuse to call into work. But it took a break for just the right amount of time for us to bike home and then be blessed by it again for our Front Porch Sitting. It couldn't have been more relaxing. We shared some of our dreams and passions that have been pushed to the side for whatever reasons, and started bringing them back into the light again.  

Today was the perfect amount of Woosah, good conversations, encouraging passions, and making goals to achieve forgotten dreams. 



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