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Homeless Struggles and Tricks

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Strangely I'm getting pleasure from my recent times of economic struggling. These are some of the thrilling experiences plus homeless tricks I've been using...
For a little background on how ridiculous it's been, I got paid last Friday. I had $11 in my account by Monday. And I wasn't even buying my booze that weekend. That was practically all bills. Come Tuesday I had to pay for car insurance, so I had to dive into my elephant money for exactly the right amount.  

I used the ten dollars left over for my gas. That was gone in two days. I figured I'd make it through the weekend without a car, but I was actually working on a Monday and wasn't getting nanny money til Tuesday. (Or so I thought...That hasn't come in yet though). So I rode my bike to Publix in hopes of exchanging a gift card with a stranger for money... The gift card was empty. I had a Walmart card too, but not enough gas to make it there. 

Les and I tried to scheme to find ways to make money, like asking strangers on the street to exchange cash for the Walmart card, or busking for the first time. I did attempt to play the harmonica while chillin on the beach but no money. Cheers were good enough for now. Note to self: don't get sand in a harmonica. 

Shamefully, I accepted the cash found on my nightstand (thanks Roomie!) on Monday morning, since I didn't really want to risk it on my first day of work. But it actually would've worked out ok I think, because I'd found $6 in change, then remembered I had an in-store credit to Ace hardware. So I took that in after work and exchanged it with a kind stranger. Then a couple of my dresses on eBay sold! Unfortunately, I don't have the money to ship em yet though. But that was exciting nonetheless. 
So I've had $1 in my account since Saturday. 

Some homeless tricks: 
Bogarding Bananas from work.
Taking advantage of free coffee at work.   
Paying for lunch in change. 
Taking tuna the rest of the days. 
Bartering with strangers for gift cards/in store credit receipts. 
Free Publix coffee. 
Peanut butter and crackers. Paleo loses precedence in these times. 
Les and I can seriously do it up, though, and still concoct delicious seafood feasts with my Freezer Survivors. 
Gotta try dumpster diving again soon. 

Really hoping that nanny check comes in today! 

Share some homeless tricks with me, friends! I need em!
Think I broke a record, going 60miles once the light came on. Not doing that again. 



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