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High Five for Friday

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Friday, readers! It's definitely feeling like summer this week. A little worried how the following months will be if I'm sweatin in my seats this much this early in May.

Highlights from this week are...
1. The lovely Leslie time I was blessed with yesterday. What better way to vent and relax than on the beach, with your girl, and a cocktail? As we were growing even closer talking all about life and it's crazy turns, all I could think about was "What would I have done if we hadn't bonded over Finger Mustaches those 5+ years ago?"

2. Starting my free Danish language class online with the Jacksonville library. Of all the language course I've taken, this one looks like a winner. I think I may actually learn some Danish. I didn't wanna stop. Plus breezing through the first units made me feel pretty good.  

3. Finally having the chance to struggle and learn to survive. Making it happen with an empty bank account, piggy bank savings, leftover walmart and publix gift cards, another week til pay day, and a parched tank of gas is actually thrilling. I can do this! I'm only accepting donations/charity on here for my writing, so don't even think about clicking that "transfer" button, Mama! 'ppreciate it though. ;)

4. Story time with the kids the other night... My teenager clients reading to me. Their extreme concern for my hurting feet and disregard for their smell in order to relieve their pain was strangely special. Thanks for lookin out, guys. I know those suckers weren't pleasant. 

5. Being updated with good news from a Sweet Soul I haven't heard from in a while. So good to to hear from you, Dawn. You were one of my biggest encouragers in starting this here blog... It's about time you get your own shoutout!

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