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Welcome to the Family, Sierra

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This sweet pup joined the family this month and we couldn't be happier.
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Flashback {Differences between Denmark and the US}

Monday, December 14, 2015

I just found this draft I never published about the differences I found in Denmark and the US.
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My Christmasy Home

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This year, I experienced the most excitement for Christmas decorating than ever before. I think it was a combination of simply being excited for Christmas season and it being my very own apartment to decorate. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, you would've found me immediately breaking out my joyful little Christmas creatures when I got back from this Thanksgiving break. Here's a glimpse at my Christmasy home.

Be Merry garland
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Last weekend, I enjoyed an amazing sailing trip with the two adventurers. This time on Benton's sweet, new boat. We started in West Palm and ended in Vero Beach.
Our journey was filled with lots of accents, super fancy houses and some showy mansions, too many protein (and sand) bars, several naps made excellent by the sound and feel of the waves, silly dance moves followed by checking around for witnesses, serene sunrises, (unknown) planet spotting, a quick dip and drag through the cool waters, and lots of sun soaking. Adding to the greatness of the trip are the memories made on land with entertaining car ride games and trips through memory lane with some intriguing parents.Thankful for opportunities and memories like this!


Bachelorette Weekend in Savannah

I just returned from a bachelorette weekend in Savannah, celebrating Ms. Amy Rubin. It was my first bachelorette experience and a great one at that. 
We started the weekend off with some fancy martinis on our first night out. 
Shopped our stinkin feet off on Saturday. 
Walked our stinkin shoes off that night. Never doing high heels again. Ever. Wait. Except for Amy's wedding. Then I'm done.
Goofed off talkin about our childhood celeb crushes and other girly things at our fancy dinner at Vic's. 
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Rediscovering Folk Dance

Sunday, December 6, 2015

       Last weekend was filled with fun and coziness, but the most important thing I learned was the fantastic tradition of contra dancing.
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Recipe for a Great Thanksgiving

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Apparently when writing holiday posts,  "recipes" seem the most fitting, like this one. So here's a recipe for a great Thanksgiving. 

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Porch Fest and Happiness

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This post was originally meant for Sunday, but that didn't happen. At that point though, I was reveling in the happiness the previous four days were filled with. Tonight I remembered I never posted this when I was reveling about those days again. So here it is.


Oh hey, Halloween

Sunday, November 8, 2015

      This Halloween was celebrated in quite the unique way. Dylan and I started off the night relaxing on my neighbor's porch before moving over to Lillie's for their dreaded last day... Ate our last ham and apple sandwich on the patio while listening to some  French sounding music. Strangely, Benton showed up in a trash can and led us back to Lillie's. My smile hardly fell as we schemed to steal a lady on a bad date, moved our dancing feet, and I was graced with a Trash Can dance. I wish I could get the pictures form the strangers' phones. 
        Next, we joined my neighbors for a fire and a homemade video on a projector on the porch. Was quite the setup. We ended the night in Benton-Holiday Style, riding bike down 1st, shouting nonsense to the bar goers. Always entertaining. 
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A Recipe for the Best Birthday {26th Edition}

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

      October is just the best. First it was my birthday, then my mama's and half of my coworkers and friends' birthdays, weather is getting cool, pumpkins are being eaten in this and this recipe, as are the apples that deserve their fame, I celebrated a year with a man, enjoyed a vey entertaining concert by Dr. John... Lots of goodness.

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Anastasia Camping Trip

Saturday, October 17, 2015

        About a month ago, Dylan and I headed out on our way to Anastasia Park for a spontaneous camping trip. We had our new camping gear,  chili dog supplies, and hearts ready for an adventure and an adventure it was. 
        The first mishap was with the food. Nearly to the campsite, Dylan noticed our just purchased chili was the dreaded can-opener-we-didn't-have kind. Go to a Publix to return it? Stop at a pizza place? Stop at a pizza place. Now, with subs in hand, we made it to the campground. Beautiful it was, with winding roads canopied with natural Florida trees.
        While eating our subs on the picnic table, we were now grateful for the quickness of our backup meal, for the mosquitos would've really gotten their fill if we'd had to cook with our slow-cooking stove. With bellies full and legs adorned with new bug-bite mountains, we headed to the beach.
"Shouldn't we just walk to the beach? It's so close! We're in nature!"
"Not with these mosquitos!"
       So off we drove. We enjoyed our long walk on the uninhabited beach with a boldly colored sunset. Our tummies started to hurt a bit at this point. "Was it the subs? Did they food poison us?" We joked about the ironic idea of writing a Yelp review on our phone, in the tent, in the wilderness. "Or maybe it was the whole bag of potato chips we shared..." Back at the camp, we laid in the tent enjoying the movement of the trees, but the rumblings of our tummies were getting worse and worse at this point. I was able to fall asleep but Dylan never could.
         The last blunder occurred when Dylan decided we didn't need the rain cover for the tent because "It probably won't rain."   
"The weather says it will at 1am. We're just going to be waking up, struggling to throw the thing on in the rain."
"But it's too hot," he said.
            1am hit and so did the rain. And hard. Dylan almost got me when he asked me to be the one to put the cover on. "Wait a minute, this is your fault, you do it!" "But you're closest to the exit." Now we're laying under our crooked rain cover with water still flowing in. We tried to wait it out in hopes it would slow down and not fully flood the tent, but several inches of water later, we decided to clumsily and chaotically pack up the tent. So I'm running back and forth from the tent and car, in my nightgown, with Boy Scouts nearby, screaming and laughing the whole time. 
          Finally, we got all packed up and drove back through the peaceful city of St. Augustine. Our clothes, the gear, and the car were soaked, making it smell for weeks. Some perfect tunes and jokes about stopping into a bar and demanding a drink in our PJs made for a good memory.       
Best parts of the trip? 
1. Being able to laugh at all of the ridiculous. Didn't even have to wait for it to become a funny story later. It already was
2. Serenely gazing out of the rain-coverless tent finding uniqueness in the trees
3. The ambiance of the lovely drive back home
4. Finding that any trip is enjoyed with this guy

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Another Benton Contest and a Day with Mom

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Woops, this post got lost left in the dust over a month ago.
Last weekend never got its glory even though it deserved a record of its greatness. Saturday was another 1st annual event created by Benton, after the first success of the sandcastle hilarity.
Our prizes from the Sandcastle contest...
This time it was the 1st Amateur Surf Contest 2015. No pros allowed. The score sheet included points for age, shakas, wipeouts, "getting in the water," paddling out, trying for a wave, and negative points for experience. Other criteria appeared such as negative points for body hair, gnarliest injury, intelligence, smarts, and tide pool pros. Prizes were a little better this time with Q-tips, a dart board, and old toys with expired candy.

Sunday morning was filled with Mama time: Morning coffee, wedding dance practicing and dart throwing in the living-room, chit chatting, shopping, and lunch. Then I got the strange pleasure of organizing and cleaning the brother's house in preparation for his future wife's arrival.
(And now she's his actual wife after their wonderful wedding on August 22! Welcome to the fam, Rach!) Said wedding made us miss the 3rd of Benton's 1st Annual contests. Didn't get a shot at the BYOK, build your own kite contest, but eager to see what the next will be!

Happy weekend friends! Some exciting, surreal news to come soon! Actually soon. I'll get better at this blogging biz. Promise.

Morning Thoughts

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Last night, Dylan put my finger in his ear and tuned his howler. 

"Talk to Text" even just changed that sentence all around trying to make it make sense. 
Grateful for this Goof. 
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Today's Gratitude

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Well hey! Obviously I haven't improved on my writing frequency but not from lack of events. A lot of amazing things have happened in the last two months. I didn't even write about my best friend getting married! Holy moly. 
There she is in all her wonderful beauty. I don't think it could've been a more perfect night. 

My heart has been extra filled with gratitude lately. Super grateful for... 
Great family time with a Father's Day trip, a quick visit with Papa and Mimi, hanging with Mom and Pops, and dinner and a trip with Dylan's family. 

A boyfriend keeping my belly happy with delicious meals, my mind and body happy with active adventures like my first successful surfing session, lots of biking, and living room yoga, and my heart happy that I have such an encouraging, supportive babe. 

Farmers market trips and Cinotti's bakery runs on Saturday mornings for dinner supplies and eclairs. Two eclairs in one day should not be attempted though. 

Kayaking Amelia island and not getting lost like this adventure. 
Some catch up time with Charlyn back in town! It went tooo quickly though! 
A Fourth of July Jax Beach style filled with a rainy bike ride, two barbecues, fireworks on the pier, and American pride yelling while biking, curtesy of Benton. 

A friend bringing ridiculous creativity to our lives with an "1st Annual Overhyped Maximum Prize Purse Sandcastle Contest 2015," complete with a sign and balloon, prizes covered by a sheet on a table, a judge's hat, and recruited contestants (the kiddos nearby). What a unique day. 

Getting back to yoga at a new studio with Neighbor Jackie. New teachers can bring new challenges and change. 

A work place filled with so much laughter among the kids and the coworkers. 

Happy weekend, folks! Make it a good one! 
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Appalachian Trail with Gnar Gnar and Knick Knack

Saturday, May 30, 2015

       A month later and here I am. With two bridal showers, a lovely bachelorette weekend at the lake, a graduation party at the good old Withlacoochie River with awesome folk, a maiden voyage on the kayaks with Dana, a weekend full of visitors, and an Appalachian Trail experience under my belt. 


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Jumbled Updates {Weddings, Easter, Yoga}

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In the last month, I
celebrated Amy and Sal's marriage! Had a blast with ze best friends, this dapper date, and a foreigner with a crazy international connection.
Beautiful photogrpahy from Shannon Lee Miller
Had an always enjoyable visit with the best friend filled with wedding planning fun, tasty foods, jazz and beach time. Can't believe she's getting married in 2 months! 
Had brother and future sister in law over for dinner! First dinner party at the new place was a memorable one with this company, food, and post dins beach walkin and talkin. And concocting a master plan for getting a pup pup.

Brought this funny bunny home for Easter with the fam! Continued tradition with a delicious meal with the O'Connells, and gathering with friends for the like 7th(?) year in a row according to timehop. Enjoyed an afternoon hike at the never disappointing Santos trails too. Ocala's got somethin. 
Started a #detoxyobody challenge and feeling humbled, encouraged, refreshed, and determined. Also had the pleasure of doing some beach yoga with The Julia Hutchins (had only been half a year since seeing this girl) after rock climbing, and followed by breakfast for dinner and much needed catching up. Grateful for a friend that shares passions, support, and inspiration. 
One of many bloopers...
Thanks for reading!
 Now go do a happy jig. Or play with puppies. Start a challenge? 
Something positive. 
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Today's Gratitude

Friday, March 6, 2015

Lately I've been grateful for...

The help and love of my friends and family during my move into my very own, big girl studio, making Neptune Beach my new home. Technically, I lived in three cities in one year. 
And even getting to give my brother a tour from another country! 
My first sunrise in the apartment, serenaded by the birds and palm trees. 
Mid session hugs from a little one at work. 
A night walk on the beach and a reminder to talk to strangers. We enjoyed a bonfire and bar games with some fellow humans. 
Good things happening for friends all around me including one getting engaged, another moving to her dream home in Georgia, another getting an awesome internship, 
Amy Rubin getting marriiied this weekend! 
So many things to be grateful for! 
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New Smyrna Camping

Saturday, February 28, 2015

What started out as a camping/surfing trip in New Smyrna with two of my favorite adventurers, turned into way more than we imagined. 
When our campsite plans failed with the only two sights filled, we first went for a run and surf. Then decided to work out our housing situation. With cheap hotel, setting up camp at a "for rent" house, and some other options, I remembered the couch surfing option. Two quick requests later and we got a call back... A guy living on his boat with an island we could camp on. 
So off we went to meet our host, sail on over, and set up camp. If there was a 10th cloud, I was on it. Our host was incredibly nice with an inspiring story. He biked across the United States over two years, camping and couch surfing all over. Even his decision to buy this boat was a reminder of spontaneity. "I saw this boat up for sale and said, I'm gonna guy that boat." Then started this whole new, free lifestyle. 
A weekend filled with great adventure and we only needed to go two hours south! 

The boys went for another surf while I earned some serious blisters on my feet, walking over to Third Wave Cafe for super bomb breakfast. They earned major points for this brilliance. 

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Munchkin Quotes

Sunday, February 15, 2015

This was a week filled with happy quotes like...
"I can't wait to go home! Not because I don't like this place but because I have a play date!"

"At first, when my mom said reading camp, I was mad, but I didn't know it was going to be this much fun!"  

"Can I have my birthday party here?!" 

Those should be used for Lindamood-Bell advertisements or something. 

"I'm glad I have you so much today (3 out of 4 of her sessions). I like you." 

After getting so excited about some rewards I gave one girl "I'm so excited, you deserve this!" And proceeded to kiss my pony tail. 

"You coming here was like my life long dream!" From a nanny babe.  

These sweet little souls just warm my heart. 
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Today's Gratitude

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Well, hey, long lost readers! Other than holiday posts, I've been slacking a bit. On this relaxing Saturday morning. Lately I've been grateful for

Surviving two weeks in Miami for work! I lucked out with a like-minded, minimal partying, ok-with-hotel-chillin roomie Emily. It was a cool experience with extra tasty foods and hilarious foreign littles but I don't know that I'd be back. 
 Hearing the Abby Song last night that my sweet munchkins sing when they know I'm coming to nanny. 

Coming home to sweet boy helping out with my paleo challenge meals. 

Pa and Grandma talks the other day! And new business ideas from Pa to smuggle goats to Miami. 

Being reminded of how incredibly blessed I've been with my super parents. Boyhood was an extra reminder of that. 

Super silly mornings with turkey-wolf calls and songs, and getting back to the beach for biking, Lillie's, and Miss Meryl time! 

And a new addition to the family with Genevieve. Name picked by Dylan, and a good reminder of this sweet goofball.  

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Colorado Christmas {Poem Edition}

Friday, January 2, 2015

This Christmas was spent in Colorado with the Tiptons for a whole week! Complete with relaxing, baby smothering, gallons of tea and coffee, tastiest turkey, best and messiest breakfast burrito at Burger Boy, animal sightings galore, snow fulfilling dreams, a wild lookin llama, Native American ruins and more. 'Twas quite fantastic. 
Here's my Christmas morning poem. 

Now the snow's falling down
On this sweet, Colorado town
A perfect morning for this Christmas travel
All the love and adventure unravel 
Our adorable addition has had us grateful
Norwegian surf and turf, a delicious plateful
It'd been years since seeing the Tiptons 
Now catching up on how we've been
We skied down the Tellluride mountains 
Baby's so cute when she be bouncin  
Piano and carols on Christmas Eve 
Were more lovely than you could believe 
The Ross's had a griswald tour
Were Anasazis happy? We're a little unsure 
Adaleigh rode her very first horse
Her mama's favorite, she was happy, of course 
El Viento the llama was a sight to see
With teeth even more crooked than me 
A Christmas Eve service in their unique little church 
Now on the porch, two pinion jays perch
We're all gathered close 
All getting our dose
Of sweets, snow, and Adaleigh 
Opening presents while sipping hot tea 
Scott perfectly prayed 
For family not here today
They played an amazing part
And are forever in our hearts
This Christmas has been quite picturesque 
Spending it with all the best 

Mesa Verde tour
Anasazi home 
Favorite street in Cortez 
Just chillin with granddaddy 

Cutest carolers 



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