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Porch Fest and Happiness

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This post was originally meant for Sunday, but that didn't happen. At that point though, I was reveling in the happiness the previous four days were filled with. Tonight I remembered I never posted this when I was reveling about those days again. So here it is.

  I got a happy Friday sendoff from the preschoolers downstairs with this conversation: 
Adorable curly haired tot: "I'm going to Christmas!"
Me: "What?! How do you get to Christmas?!"
"It's right over here! We're going to find the presents!" 
Then off these three joyous toddler boys went, rushing up the ramp of the playground to find Christmas. 

A bike ride, homemade pulled pork sammies, and a fun Pete's night with my Pool Playin Pickle. 

A surfboard hunt turned relaxing drink in Riverside. We were able to fight our tired, old people thoughts and just do it since we already went all that way. It's quite the cozy scene out there. 

Enjoyed one of the greatest ideas I've heard of in a while with Dylan and Benton Saturday; the Jax Porch Fest. It was a festival with local folky bands playing on the porches of beautiful historic homes in Springfield, actually unique art booths, pricey popsicles, and tasty but expensive food trucks. The night was made even better with the addition of Meryl, Chad and friends. 

A quick St. Auggy trip on Sunday for a boat flea market, surf, and run.

This chandelier of a meal... Definitely one of my new favorites. I didn't tell Dylan it was paleo until after he tried it and liked it!

Four days of fantastic frolicking. 
(Still an abuser of alliteration.)

Not included in those 4 days was this fiery sunset and man. 
Man I'm grateful. 



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