Oh hey, Halloween

Sunday, November 8, 2015

      This Halloween was celebrated in quite the unique way. Dylan and I started off the night relaxing on my neighbor's porch before moving over to Lillie's for their dreaded last day... Ate our last ham and apple sandwich on the patio while listening to some  French sounding music. Strangely, Benton showed up in a trash can and led us back to Lillie's. My smile hardly fell as we schemed to steal a lady on a bad date, moved our dancing feet, and I was graced with a Trash Can dance. I wish I could get the pictures form the strangers' phones. 
        Next, we joined my neighbors for a fire and a homemade video on a projector on the porch. Was quite the setup. We ended the night in Benton-Holiday Style, riding bike down 1st, shouting nonsense to the bar goers. Always entertaining. 



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