It's the Holiday Season Woopdidoop

Monday, December 26, 2016

I'd say this was one of the most unique Christmases I've had. I guess that starts to happen as you add a second half, double your family, and work schedules alter your traditions.

 We had our first Christmas Eve brunch with the future in-laws, Mom, Dad and Mimi, and 
Christmas night, we enjoyed dinner with Dylan's parents. I attempted to relax in a hot tub, but I confirmed they're not relaxing for me. 

With Dylan working Christmas afternoon, I studied a bit for the GRE before texting Meryl to see what she was up to and got the nicest invite for dinner with them. So I strolled on over with the pup, arriving at their house soaked for the second holiday in a row. We ate the most delicious pork and learned about Puerto Rican Christmas traditions and Meryl's character of a dad.

Down their street I walked to join Benton and his parents for hours of board games and a beach walk before heading back home. Codenames is quite a fun, thinkin game. 

The goodness continued this morning with a dreamy walk on the chilly, gray beach and lunch with Mom, Pa, Grandma and Rachel at Barbara Jean's on the intracoastal. 

A perfect Christmas weekend.
So stinking grateful for my time with family and such loving friends to bring me in with their fams. 
Merry Christmas everyone! What made your hearts explode this Christmas? 

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Christmas Time at the Dylabby House

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year, and today reality hit me that it was Christmas time and I hadn't decorated! I woke up this morning and went straight to Publix for meal prepping and became overwhelmed with excitement at the little details I wound up with. Candles and flowers were all I needed to send my hormones to euphoria. 

Later we went to get our first real tree, had Dylan's parents over for dinner and finished decorating this humble abode. This place has gone through a lot of changes since last year.  
I hope everyone else is enjoying the holiday as much as I am. If not, get on my excitement level! It's joyous!  

Thanks Benton's parents for these lovely candle holders
Peter the Pine
And thanks, Mama for these Christmas sand pipers!

They don't call these Christmas cacti for nothin. Look at that cool bloom! I didn't even know it did that!
Ol' Nelson the Nisse tellin tales to our greens.



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