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A Fabulous Weekend in Boston

Monday, April 14, 2014

Beginning this post about my weekend trip to Boston is giving me the feeling similar to the one I got when writing about this Charleston trip... It's a little daunting, and I don't even know where to start. So much beauty, adventure, contentment, food, and feelings were experienced during this time.
We experienced...
Humor and fresh beers in the Sam Adams Brewery tour that we started the weekend with on Friday. 

Silliness at the German piano bar on Friday night with Jordan, a friend of Amy's. One of Jordan's friends happened to be at the same bar (discovered through snapchat) and joined us for some more drinks after. I was really in a dancing mood (which is rare, so I wanted to take advantage) but apparently Boston is not a dancin town, so we just got some casual drinks. 

Beauty in the peaceful streets of the city. It was wonderful being able to stroll along these streets, seeing movie-worthy scenes of frat house barbecues outside their picturesque apartments, with couches in the lawn. One regret? Not joining them. Parts of the city reminded me of a mix of Notting Hill, NYC, and some of Copenhagen. 

Parks like cph 
Quiet streets like notting hill 
But it's all its own 
We didn't always know where we were or where we were going but that was one of the things we enjoyed the most about it.

Peacefulness in sitting on the dock by the Charles River, watching the sailboats go by. And almost flip. That was exciting. 

Wonder in the uniqueness of this room in the Boston Public Library. 
And intrigue in the occupants of the room...
Old man with the books
What is he learning about?
Lover's native tongue
(Haiku about the man "learning the language of his long lost Vietnamese lover he met during the war..." Obviously.)

Flattery by the polite, smooth-talking Stranger Gentleman at the Library. It started with me awkwardly thanking him for saying "you're so very welcome" to me thanking him for holding the door. One big, goofy conversation that led to him smoothly complimenting us and asking for Amy's number "in case he needs some legal advise" (Amy's in law school for any stranger readers). I don't think Amy was even aware he was hitting on her and she didn't wanna pull the "I'm engaged" too soon to make it awkward, so we just said our "goodbyes" and left the library. 

Fulfillment came, though, when we "made a good story," and went back to said Stranger Gentleman after discussing how he needs to know his efforts were appreciated. Numbers were exchanged since "well I'm not engaged." We thought about asking him and his friend to join us for pizza... but then realized that'd mean sharing our pizza, so we didn't end up meeting back up with them. 

Contentment in our Pizza at the Park Evening in the Boston Public Garden.
Pizza so dang big
I ran into the light post
Dirty Water Dough
1/2 Mac Cheesy (Mac and cheese with ritz and cheezits on top) 1/2 chicken enchilada. Epic. I obviously threw paleo out the window for this trip. And it was totally worth it. Probably will be rethinking that come the next swimsuit outing. 
Elegance on the Roaring 20s party trolley to celebrate Amy's friend's last year of her 20s. What a great time and perfect way to tour the city. The trolley was filled with glitzy party goers, booze in prohibition-style brown bottles, crazy lights, some interesting hookups, and a balcony off the back where we could hang, getting lots of funny looks, honks, and drivers and passersby dancing along. 

           Amy, Rachel, the oh, so sweet birthday girl, and I 
Exclusivity during our special tour of the Harvard Library. Amy's lovely, World-Saving friend, Yanina, who goes to Harvard, got us in the very private library you usually need an ID for. No pictures in here though, unfortunately. They even search you on the way out!

Being prestigious in the Harvard Yard
Privilege in stumbling upon Janelle MonaƩ warming up in the Harvard Yard. We definitely took advantage of this, and enjoyed a little concert, front and center.
Satisfaction in lots of delicious food. We had the best Boston cream pie I've had at the cafe, Flour, fantastic Italian at Giacamo's with the best scallops, excellent burgers from Shake Shack (Mr. Bartley's Burgers is unfortunately closed on Sundays), and perfectly tasty and tiny 3 layer cake from Mike's Pastry (which has significance in Amy and Sal's love story, so I had to try it even though I was full from the Italian. We did not skimp on food this weekend. We even got froyo twice in all of that. And another coffee and macarons treat thrown in there. 
Wisdom in our conversations about how "sometimes you don't know how you feel about certain things in life until you're experiencing them. You just gotta learn them as they come," and that a guy giving you his number is a good sign in the dating world. Not quite equivalent in their importance or wisdom but hey. 

Surprise at how friendly everyone was. The stereotype of the rude northerners was definitely not the case. We made friends with girls at one store, were impressed with the friendliness of others at another, experienced the super manners of the library guy, a very friendly couple talked to us the whole time in Giacamo's line, and a random lady on the street told us how nice we looked one night. There was so much hospitality and cheer goin around.  

And gratitude for this wonderful weekend spent with Amy Rubin to add to our great stories. We've got some good ones in our books, including this one with her visiting me in Denmark.
I was also glad I got to get to know her fiance, Sal, a little more, even with our short time together. His whimsical, solar-powered-plastic-plants were my first points of intrigue. 

Our common comment was that it was just a fabulous weekend. 

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Today's Gratitude

Thursday, April 10, 2014

As I enjoy more front porch sitting (obvi a favorite of mine), in this fantastic breeze, with blue skies, I'm just flat out grateful. 

I'm grateful for my morning in the sun and watching (and laughing at/with) this family fail at flying their kite.
Grateful for a day that can start at the beach and end in a much needed vacation in Boston with Best Friend Rubin. I am so looking forward to this as a chance to rest, recuperate from the last very stressful, exhausting weeks, escape, and explore.

For a coworker giving me Big Brother-Style love and encouragement and perfectly appropriate Bible verses.  

And for silly times at work with my "Special C's." Yesterday we had a Princess Picnic with homemade crowns and unicorn horns, ate cheese and crackers on a blanket among the flowers/weeds, and made welcome back signs for a girl returning from the hospital. I really wish I could share a picture of this awesome picnic buut... HIPAA.  
How's this song for perfect? Also grateful for Mom's iTunes gift card buying me this awesome album.
 "Well if you can’t get what you love
You learn to love the things you’ve got.
If you can’t be what you want
 You learn to be the things you’re not.
If you can’t get what you need
 You learn to need the things that stop you dreaming.
All the things that stop you dreaming"

Cheers to gratitude. 
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A Cutting Edge April Fools

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

So as my Facebook followers know, yesterday was an eventful April Fools Day for me. 

It started off great with me accomplishing two new yoga poses I previously always looked at in amazement and wonder. I was feeling empowered. Especially when "you're flexible, try this (more intense) pose" came out of my instructor's mouth. Me? Flexible? Feeling great. 
So I biked all the way home with no hands, feeling extra confident and balanced. 
I got home and started chopping my butternut squash for my delicious, healthy dinner. SLICE. Cut my finger. Bandaid it up and keep going. WOOP. there's another. Luckily, this one didn't require a bandaid since my last one took my last two. Keep on cutting. SAFIRV4@U$! Major cut on my thumb. "Shoot. This is gonna need stitches. I don't wanna pay for a doctor. I hope they don't have to do a shot in my thumb." 
I called Brother Matt waking him from his slumber to ask him if I should go to the doctor... As if he's gonna be able to tell over the phone how serious my cut is... 
I went on over to the CareSpot to get it checked. (I am not one to put off going to the doctor. If something's slightly different, I'm there. No Mystery Diagnosis or I Didn't Know I was Pregnant episodes about me).
At this point, paying for anything, was not something I wanted to do, so I nearly just got up and walked out, bought some new bandaids and called it a day. But after fear of tetanus and lock jaw were put in my head, I gave in and did the damn thing. Tetanus shot, glue (thank God no stitches), and this crazy wrap and I was set.  
While waiting at the doctor, I did succeed in fooling Mom that I was flying to Copenhagen in a week. Then called and alerted her that was April Fools but I actually was in the emergency clinic. 

This didn't ruin my day though. Nor did it deter me from chopping a shit ton of vegetables when I got home. Even the butternut squash.  

As if that wasn't enough clumsy for one day, I also spilt coffee on my way out for my Porch Lunch, broke a glass, and one other blooper that I already forgot. 

How was your April Fools' Day, readers?! 
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Support my traveling, artistic, humanitarian dream self

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So I've added a "donations" button on my blog. I have no idea if I'll get any and wish I would've known about it while I was in Denmark when I had more of a cause and exciting adventures going on. But I figured it couldn't hurt. 

"What am I even donating to?" you ask? Well I don't have one set cause or goal I'm saving for. Saying it's for my Next Big Adventure could be the most accurate. Whether that be making a big move (Copenhagen and Hawaii are the current hot topics right now) or pursuing my dreams of living the life of a traveling penniless writer, harmonica busker, and painter I've always dreamed of. You lovely people could help make it a little less penniless! And you'd gain some awesome children's books I'm currently planning, novels, and paintings of flowers and Copenhagen to show for it! With your donations, you can rest assured I'd be doing my best to feed homeless people as much as possible too. 

So if you want to donate to me. Just me. And help me out, I would appreciate it more than you know. I'll even write a poem for you. I'd love to write a poem for you. Traveling, not-so-penniless writer, harmonica busker, painter, poet, and hobo helper. Yes. That's my dream self.  



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