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A Cutting Edge April Fools

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

So as my Facebook followers know, yesterday was an eventful April Fools Day for me. 

It started off great with me accomplishing two new yoga poses I previously always looked at in amazement and wonder. I was feeling empowered. Especially when "you're flexible, try this (more intense) pose" came out of my instructor's mouth. Me? Flexible? Feeling great. 
So I biked all the way home with no hands, feeling extra confident and balanced. 
I got home and started chopping my butternut squash for my delicious, healthy dinner. SLICE. Cut my finger. Bandaid it up and keep going. WOOP. there's another. Luckily, this one didn't require a bandaid since my last one took my last two. Keep on cutting. SAFIRV4@U$! Major cut on my thumb. "Shoot. This is gonna need stitches. I don't wanna pay for a doctor. I hope they don't have to do a shot in my thumb." 
I called Brother Matt waking him from his slumber to ask him if I should go to the doctor... As if he's gonna be able to tell over the phone how serious my cut is... 
I went on over to the CareSpot to get it checked. (I am not one to put off going to the doctor. If something's slightly different, I'm there. No Mystery Diagnosis or I Didn't Know I was Pregnant episodes about me).
At this point, paying for anything, was not something I wanted to do, so I nearly just got up and walked out, bought some new bandaids and called it a day. But after fear of tetanus and lock jaw were put in my head, I gave in and did the damn thing. Tetanus shot, glue (thank God no stitches), and this crazy wrap and I was set.  
While waiting at the doctor, I did succeed in fooling Mom that I was flying to Copenhagen in a week. Then called and alerted her that was April Fools but I actually was in the emergency clinic. 

This didn't ruin my day though. Nor did it deter me from chopping a shit ton of vegetables when I got home. Even the butternut squash.  

As if that wasn't enough clumsy for one day, I also spilt coffee on my way out for my Porch Lunch, broke a glass, and one other blooper that I already forgot. 

How was your April Fools' Day, readers?! 



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