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Tivoli and Rugby

Monday, August 27, 2012

         Adding another great week to the list for my time in Denmark. Last Tuesday, I went to an international gathering for students at DTU (Denmark Technical Institute) at the Cellar Bar. I met a couple cool people there from Belgium (Ruben), Canada, France, and Denmark and met back up with a couple of them on Friday night. We went to see one of their Spanish friends play a Latin set at a bar in the city. On our way there, we were a bit worried at how this place would be considering it was on the street well known for its... Services. But we got to the Luna Bar and it wound up being really fun. The band was actually excellent, and had everyone dancing. Ruben and his friends were a lot of fun to hang out with.
         On Saturday, I went to Tivoli, the second oldest theme park, with the family and met Claus' parents and sister there. It's no wonder Tivoli inspired Walt Disney to do his own thing. It's a beautiful amusement park with incredible flowers everywhere (apparently the most flowers in one area or some statistic), lights all around, beautiful stages for concerts and performances, awesome rides, great food (not just theme park food), and good views of the city.
         Danes know what they're doing with food. I haven't had a bad meal yet. Claus was my partner for the scary rides, but we, of course, did lots of kid rides, which were actually really fun too. The Golden Tower, the kind that takes you up and drops you, was definitely the best, but another that was like a swing that spun around taking you up to the top was also really fun and gave the best view of the city.
         The family left around 7 but encouraged me to stay to get my full use out of the endless ride pass they got me, and to see all the lights at night. So I stayed after for a couple hours, did some rides again, and tried to get the nerve to do this super crazy ride. After 5 minutes of waiting in line, watching the brave souls before me sit in a plane that went in 10 HUGE perpendicular circles... spinning around in erratic motions... for 2 whole minutes, I just couldn't do it.
        I went on to get the most delicious ice cream instead. I still want seconds of that.
       I headed out to the city to see what I could get into. Since I had a non-functioning phone, I wasn't able to get a hold of anyone to meet up with, so I went to Charlie Scott's, where I at least knew the bartenders. It didn't take long to meet people there. It helped that it was game night, with a bar full of rugby players, and I was the only girl. Supposedly one of the guys was pretty famous in Denmark but I wasn't sure if it was just a ploy. They were all a lot of fun and introduced me to some dice game that didn't make much sense.
      It wound up being quite a fun night.

     I've found that racing, hopping, cartwheeling, slap jack, and flying in the air are pretty solid go-to's with playing with children no matter the language. Pretty exhausted now after a day of cleaning so I'm out!

Flowers at Tivoli
Eva Kirstine and I on a ride at Bakken



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