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Settling In

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Over the last week, I've explored some of the city of Copenhagen, went on the prettiest run in trails near the lake right by the house, had relaxing afternoons laying out (European style) on the dock by the lake, drinking coffee on the patio enjoying the Danish air, riding my bike everywhere to try to learn my way around, trying my best to learn some Danish, went on a bike ride and had a picnic by the lake with the youngest two and Lotte, tried some delicious Danish meals, and much more. Everything seems more fun/relaxing/enjoyable. Their strawberries are like twenty times better than American strawberries, their apples, eggs, potatoes, and water all seem to taste better. Well, definitely their water compared to Jacksonville's. Even cleaning is more enjoyable... Opening all the windows and doors to enjoy the cool air, airing the blankets and pillows out on the balcony, taking breaks to sit on the patio...
Going to pick up Clara Louise and Christopher from school this afternoon alone for the first time. So let's PRAY that they behave, Clara Louise doesn't cry and scream making it look like I'm kidnapping her, and we make it home safe and sound! And I don't get lost on the way home... But even when I get lost, I can find my way home. So rather, let's hope I don't take another detour.
On Thursday, I'm going to meet up with one of the old au pair's friends in the city, and meeting one or two other girls this weekend. Looking forward to meeting people to explore with! Especially people that already know their way around and good places to go.
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