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Hej fra Danmark!

Friday, August 10, 2012

        So I've finally arrived in Denmark and all settled in already. It's awesome in every way so far; the parents are so friendly and cool, the kids are adorable, the weather is amazing (I'm the only one walking around in shorts, a T-shirt and sandals, of course), the house is a beautiful, cozy home built around 1921, I just got done with a little explorative walk and the neighborhood/area is picturesque with flowers everywhere, adorable homes, and a lake nearby... It's just wonderful.
          Yesterday, after a little confusion about where to meet up, using a stranger's phone (as always), and wandering around a bit, Lotte and one of the kids picked me up from the airport greeting me with the sign shown below. We made it back to the house after a little detour (I guess Lotte gets distracted driving too!), and we had coffee. We had breads and cake they got from the bakery for me to try, and they were all delicious.
          I'm so exited and happy to be here and can't wait to see what will come. The kids are adorable but don't speak as much English as I expected... But we'll work on that and I'm already working on some Danish! Christopher was surprised when he could actually understand me when I said "don't push" in Danish. I also had my first Danish meal last night with fiskefrikadeller. It was a fish dinner similar to crab cakes. It was quite delicious!
              I slept in today and went with Claus, the kids, and his parents to Bakken, the oldest amusement park in the world. This time I was the only one wearing shorts but it was a mistake! A bit chilly for that. Now I'm just relaxing after the kids went to sleep and hopefully going for a run in a bit!

             This just in: Lotte just told me how while we were at Bakken, Clara Louise referred to me as "min Abby..." my Abby. :) And that's all for now!



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