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High Five for Friday

Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Friday, all! Off to try to get myself a job so I can properly celebrate Labor Day Weekend. If not, I'll be celebrating taking off from job searching. For now, here are my high fives for this week!

  1. An incredible sight of fireflies in our front yard. If only a video or camera could do them justice. Just come on over and we'll sit on the porch and see em live!
2. Learning to play the piano again. Thanks, Dad for the lessons. Sorry, fam for the beginner's noises.
3. Getting back in touch with a friend from several years ago. We connected when we needed a buddy for our wild pups, now she got be back into yoga with plans of scalloping, kayaking, and being overall awesome. Her and fiancé are so cool. That's her
new pup, Brody in the picture.
4. My beautiful parents celebrating THIRTY SEVEN years of marriage this week. So amazing. And my dad wrote a lovely little song for her. 37 lines he's ever said to her with a lot of sweet and a little bit of funny. "We're having a baby! Three times." Perfect.
5. Labor Day weekeeend! As if I've been slaving away at my busy job, really needing a vaca. Nonetheless, I'm excited to see lots of friends and celebrate at the lake.
Then I'll get my job search on in Jacksonville next week! Bring it on... Again, Jax! 
And hopefully see some super missed friends!

I hope your weekend will be filled with friends, barbecue, and some kind of body of water as Labor Day should be! If not, I hope it's enjoyed anyway! :)

Linking up with Lauren for HF4F!
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Mor og Fars Europe Adventure

      I'm about to grace you with some more awesome pictures from Mom and Dad's Europe Visit. Better late than never, eh?
Here's that bridge I've talked about on many occasions... 
Dronning Louises Bro. The coolest.

 I have such a cute mama
 The bakery the family always got our rye bread from in Holte, and we got some delicious weinerbrod there.
 "You saw real, live, vikings in action?!" Noo, that's just mee. Convincing, I know.
 Probably one of my favorite pictures of Mom and Dad, at the botanical garden

  Our carriage ride in Dyrehaven
 Some of the crew at my farewell at Charlie's
It's hard to get a normal picture with these two goofballs
Charlie and this crazy Aussie, Chris
The town we stayed in in Germany, that most Germans didn't even know
Dad and me on Father's Day.. near some fountain
The bridge connecting Traben and Trarbach
The hotel/super awesome house we stayed in... or in which we stayed... whateva
 So many nice places to eat outside


High Five for Friday

Friday, August 23, 2013

          I'm participating in my first linkup (becoming such a blogger over here... well, trying) with Lauren Elizabeth, with her "High Five for Friday!" Here are my highlights for the week!

1. Walks with my parents, swims in my pool, and five one minute tennis matches with the Pops... Getting back in the groove of enjoying family and fitness.
2. Meeting two precious twin girls I'll be babysitting while continuing this job search. Great reminder of the joys of little ones.
3. Getting CPR certified was pretty cool. Ready to save some lives!
4. Plans to go to a comedy show tonight. Either with the padres or any amigos I can bring along!
5.Going to my little cousin's wedding tomorrow! Can't wait to celebrate their love, see lots of family, and meet her beautiful baby!
The now bride and me at 12 and 14 on our Tennessee roadtrip with Papa and Mimi. ;)

Happy Friday, all! 

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FAQs Med Mig

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

    So maybe I'm still dreaming of the past a little, but it was just a couple months ago so gimme some slack! ;) I figured I'd do some of the questions I've been asked since returning from Denmark. And for those of you reading my blog, I shouldn't have to mention anything about the work experience... So we'll move on from that. 
First of all, here's Denmark to answer one FAQ!
 (Don't feel bad if ya didnt know... I wouldn't have either if  hadn't gotten a job there!)
What was your favorite part about Denmark?
Probably just the laid-back lifestyle. I loved biking everywhere, hanging out in all the parks, gardens, and the bridge, enjoying lots of festivals and live music, hangin out on rooftops and canals... Awesome nightlife too. It's just a super cool place. 
And, of course, all the people I met making it even more amazing. 

Where was your favorite place you went?
Switzerland. It was my first big trip out of the country, I went all by myself, and had my first experiences with couch surfing, a hostel, and hitchhiking. It was ridiculously beautiful, the city had a great vibe, and I just had some of the coolest experiences. I mean staying at a dairy farm and waking up at sunrise to help milk some cows... Come on now. 
All the people I met along the way were amazing too. 
But all my trips were really great.

What would you say Denmark has the best of/is known for, like Italy has their pizza, France their wine and cheese, etc... 
The breads and pastries are definitely one of Denmark's fortes. Wienerbrød og myslibrød. Mmm Getcha someodat if you make your way to DK. 

What kinds of foods do they eat?
Sausage, sausage, and more sausage. I never knew so many kinds of sausage existed. And fiskefrikadeller! And of course, smørrebrød, those open sandwiches. They love their breads, cheese, and jam too. And made me a coffee lover. Afternoon cake and coffee... Great tradition.

What was the most surprising thing you found?
I was asked this the other day for the first time and really had to think about it. What I came up with was just how much the Danes really took advantage when the sun was out... "When the sun was out, they were too." It was lovely. 
I was also really surprised at how much English the Danes knew. Makes America look pathetic with our (lack of) second language skills. 
This isn't anything super cray but it was also surprising how much fresh produce they hadn't. I didn't expect such a good variety there!
Lastly, since my indesiveness hinders me from picking the MOST surprising, Amsterdam was quite a surprise in itself.   With its reputation I expected it to be raunchy and sketch, but it was really beautiful and clean. Way better than Vegas. (Lesson here, America? Keep the ladies indoors). 

Would you move back to Denmark?
I would love the opportunity to live in Copenhagen again. I really fell in love with it and the people I met. I've been thinking I may have changed some of my thoughts about "home" that I'd discussed in this post. For those that haven't read that one/don't remember/whatever, I had thought I discovered that no where else could really be home besides where I'm from. I talked about the history, language, and other things making foreign life seem "unfitting." But I'm not so sure now. I definitely like being close to family and friends in America (which this homesickness was probably the main reason behind that post). But after just ten months, I became much more comfortable, started learning the language and appreciated the country, culture, and people more. I had really fell in love with the city, people, lifestyle, and could really see myself living there. Of course, America, Florida, Ocala... these places will always have their place in my heart and maybe nowhere else will have the same familiarity, but that's not to say I couldn't be happy somewhere else. 
End tangent. 
But really, the beautiful image of me taking the future babe(s) for a stroll around the Lakes, enjoying the outdoor life, festivals every weekend, flowers everywhere, picnics in the park... All seems pretty enticing. But of course, it all just depends on the opportunities, money, man, family situation, etc. Ya never know! 

Comment away if you have a question I didn't include! 
Still working on getting you lovely readers' feedback. ;)
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Snapshots of Copenhagen

Sunday, August 18, 2013

   Thanks to visitors, I have pictures to share to put an image to my stories! So here are some pictures, some with links to the posts I wrote about them, and some with links to outside sources for more info about the places/events (I should be getting paid for this!) Most of these pictures came from the Amys' visit, but show a lot of places I frequented throughout my stay. 
  Be prepared. This post is loaded
Kongens Have
(The King's garden)
One of our favorite places to chill, mentioned in these posts. A great place for relaxing, picnicking, or whateva! Some chose to play sports, we usually opted for a more lazy route.

The Botanical Garden
Where I went with Sune in February, the Amys in May, and the Padres in June. One of my favorite if not favorite place in Copenhagen. 

happy duck
The postcard image of the city. 

The Lakes and Dronning Louises Bro 
(Queen Louise's Bridge)
talked about here, and in these posts
Another must-see in this town, where I went for many runs, walks, bike rides, celebrated New Year's, chilled on the hill on Easter Monday with Sune, took the Amys for Riccos and swinging... 
What I'd do for an apartment on these lakes! 

where Sune originally took me to show me his hometown, and I later took the Amys. 


The Streets of Copenhagen

I was glad to finally get some pictures with the man too. And candids are even better! :)

 I somehow forgot to mention this street festival that the Amys conveniently got to go to while visiting. People, music, DJs, drinking, bubbles, dancing, food, all over the place. 

The festivities started on Dronning Louises Bro and worked their way down through Nørrebro.  
You know... Just chillin in the windows. Didn't capture the people dancing in the windows on camera. 
Our little Distortion crew (Molly, Megan, and AAA)

So proud of our Danish buns we'd practiced so much for. 

Photo credit for almost all of these to Amy Rubin and Amy O'Connell



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