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Snapshots of Copenhagen

Sunday, August 18, 2013

   Thanks to visitors, I have pictures to share to put an image to my stories! So here are some pictures, some with links to the posts I wrote about them, and some with links to outside sources for more info about the places/events (I should be getting paid for this!) Most of these pictures came from the Amys' visit, but show a lot of places I frequented throughout my stay. 
  Be prepared. This post is loaded
Kongens Have
(The King's garden)
One of our favorite places to chill, mentioned in these posts. A great place for relaxing, picnicking, or whateva! Some chose to play sports, we usually opted for a more lazy route.

The Botanical Garden
Where I went with Sune in February, the Amys in May, and the Padres in June. One of my favorite if not favorite place in Copenhagen. 

happy duck
The postcard image of the city. 

The Lakes and Dronning Louises Bro 
(Queen Louise's Bridge)
talked about here, and in these posts
Another must-see in this town, where I went for many runs, walks, bike rides, celebrated New Year's, chilled on the hill on Easter Monday with Sune, took the Amys for Riccos and swinging... 
What I'd do for an apartment on these lakes! 

where Sune originally took me to show me his hometown, and I later took the Amys. 


The Streets of Copenhagen

I was glad to finally get some pictures with the man too. And candids are even better! :)

 I somehow forgot to mention this street festival that the Amys conveniently got to go to while visiting. People, music, DJs, drinking, bubbles, dancing, food, all over the place. 

The festivities started on Dronning Louises Bro and worked their way down through Nørrebro.  
You know... Just chillin in the windows. Didn't capture the people dancing in the windows on camera. 
Our little Distortion crew (Molly, Megan, and AAA)

So proud of our Danish buns we'd practiced so much for. 

Photo credit for almost all of these to Amy Rubin and Amy O'Connell



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