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Two in One: Weekend Update

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Weekend 
I got back from my Nethergium trip late on Thursday, so just had a nice movie night with Sune. 
2.  Made pie and FaceTimed Mom, Dad, and Matt and met his new girlfriend! Good FaceTime with Amy too. 
3. Had a great night out with Molly and Megan at Francis Pony. 
4. Learned about Molly's crazy roommates and coworkers during our Easter coffee and cake with Megan, Molly, and Molly's friend.
 5. Got the best Thai food takeout with Suneman and spent the night 
playing guitar. I enjoyed this mucho, especially the Easter songs since we missed the church service due to a key mixup. 
7. We had our first experience at the Listening Room, where they have singer/songwriters every Sunday
8. We biked around, chilled on a hill by The Lake, and enjoyed the sun... While every other Dane did the same. I love how they revel in the sun whenever it's out. Music and chillin on the bridge. Excellent. A very chill Monday. 
9. Sune fooled me when we started watching Clerks and he had it to the sound of Beethoven... I think it was meant to be that way. 

This Weekend I...
 1. Soaked up the sun with Maria in Fælledparken, a great little park with people slack lining and so many dogs. 
2. Got a little rowdy with the whole crew (Maria, Megan, Anne Lise, Charlotte, Arthur and Karen Sofie) in Café Retro, with conversations you wouldn't want your grandma to hear. 
3. Danced on tables in the Dubliner with Megan and Maria C.
4. Got slightly lost on what should have been a 5 minute walk to the train station for my bike. I wound up like 30 minutes away, threw out my strawberries and sunglasses off a bridge out of distraught drunkeness, and met some awesome lady strangers that took me in and brought me along to Christiana adventures. That was an unexpected turn of events that night. 
5. Then had a tame, cafe-lounging, book-reading Sunday 
6. Continued the tradition of music at the Listening Room with Sune on Sunday... even if the music was a bit too weird involving bizarre, "artistic" lyrics, crazy sound effects, and a weird bit with the stoic dude rubbing a chain on his guitar while the chick pushed buttons for some futuristic sound effects and the dude then dropping the chain dramatically to the floor. Weird. 
What were the highlights of your weekend, readers?
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