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Happy Cows and Kin

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This weekend was another great one for the books
I danced crazy with Megan, surely getting funny looks. 
We had wine so bad we actually trashed it 
That never happens, so you know it was sh*%
On Saturday, the boy and I went around town
Searched fleamarkets for a thermos, and laid in the garden of the crowned
We enjoyed the sun for as long as we could 
And missed our chance again for smørrebrød. 
I got to meet his sister and her man 
They were such awesome people, a lovely clan. 
His sister, was the epitome of cute
With her baby bump, chucks, and cute jumpsuit. 
I finally got my fix of some delightful raw fish
Then we headed home early, as we all wished. 
They also got to meet Mom, Liesl and Chris.
With Chris' rap and foot rash, they were acquainted quite quick. 
I still regret missing a birthday and rugby. 
I hope these friends will soon forgive me. 
Sunday was the day for the happy bovines.
We drove to the country to see them align,
excited at the gates to be set free.
After the long winter, they had such glee. 
After a perfect day with these cows of dairy
We headed to his Mom's for an afternoon so merry.
This was the first time I met his sweet mom
And his step dad who's famous for singing songs
I also got to meet Sune's nephew
He's a funny little one, almost two.
Three days filled with cows, laughs, and kin 
I'd definitely do it all over again.

See the rest of the pictures plus more HERE
 And here's the farm's video of the day!



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