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Evening Thoughts [Commitment, Kid Spirit, and DIY]

Friday, September 26, 2014

Finishing the 11th day (in a row!) of my 30 day yoga challenge is officially the most consistent, committed thing I've ever done. Not really, but close to it. 
My year anniversary with Jacksonville,
living under the SAME roof, in a couple of weeks will be a major milestone too. Got Leslie in on the yoga madness yesterday too! Even after Al's Pizza $1 wine night. Commitment. So much goodness.

My casual walk to the pier tonight turned into an amateur gymnastics show, flying attempts with the powerful wind giving me kid-like vigor, sporadic lunges, and a random sprint to home at the end. Here's to being a kid again. 

The kid section in the library is one of my new favorite hangouts. 

Oh hey, look what I did. 

Painted these bad boys this week with the help of Meryl. DIY Success! Chalk paint is the best! DIY success! Chalk paint is the best! Sounded like it needed to be turned into a chant. 

Lastly, if anyone is moving and hates unpacking, I gotcha. That's one of my weird passions apparently, as I've volunteered these services to my mom and many friends. Settling in houses is my gig.

Oh, super lastly, Happy weekend, world! Last one of September, man. Can't believe it. 

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High Five for Friday

Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy weekend!! My weekend will be busy with work, working all three of my jobs. Nanny tonight, tutor in the morning, nanny tomorrow night, Daniel Sunday morning. Dad pointed out that I'll be able to tell my future kids I used to work three jobs to get by. So enjoy relaxation time extra for me!

So I got into my "not much blog-worthy stuff has happened lately" thinking in the last couple weeks but I suppose it has. 

1. One being an extremely impressive drag show. Finally. my first drag show, and it blew me away. They were some Beautiful queens. Not to mention there was a crime scene for a shooting right next door. Kinda crazy. After said drag show and discovering Nick's hidden talent for dancing, we chilled with stranger friends we met on our walk home in their high rise apartment with a ridic view of the beach, left my purse and all importants at their apartment, didn't realize til home and tired, and my most irrational option led to a trip to Home Depot the next day and running into ex boyfriend wet, ragged, and braless (after an actually enjoyable walk home in the rain with the baseball stud). That stud's team won the championship! Woop woop. And he's back in Indiana... So to maybe be continued. 

2. I finally started this 30 day yoga challenge. I signed up 25 days ago... I started on Wednesday. I found that just leaving my yoga mat out and ready in my room is good motivation. 

3. Pampered myself a little this week with a haircut and a massage. It was my first massage and it was lovely. I may have been the first person to ask my masseuse to turn down the heat on the table because "it was burning my nipples." I was surprised that no one else had that problem, but found they may have, but they would just say "it's too hot." I also may have fallen asleep near the end. (After I was on my back and the nips had recovered). 
4. Finished my writing children's books class!! Woohoo. That's two online courses complete this year. Now I'm magically gonna be able to teach English as a second language and write children's books all day, right? 

5. Practicing sketching. Having some fun with these little guys. I'm not as bad as I thought. 

Linking up with Lauren for H54F!
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Little Bit of Everything [Baseball, Water, Labor Day]

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy 1st of September and Labor Day, friends! The last couple of weeks have been filled with greatness liiiike...

Lots of fun with this guy...
Two half days at work very well spent. On Wednesday, Nick and I had planned to paddle board but a date mix-up led us to a Fish Fry Grill with his team, hosted by his generous sponsor parents. They grilled up a portion of their 200lbs of personally caught Alaskan salmon and halibut. Fantastic. If only we hadn't just indulged in some deliciously filling MShack burgers, I would've enjoyed it even more! It was like an excited lightbulb went off in my stomach when I finally became hungry enough to eat it. 

We spent the next day paddle boarding, Lemon Barring, and stumbling in on a Sam Hunt concert at Mavericks. The end of the night transformed from a unique situation into a fun, exciting and strangely romantic night. 

An incredibly enjoyable time at a concert with Neighbor John and Leslie, cuttin a rug on the dance floor. Enjoyed several front porch chillin nights with the neighbs too. The guy's pretty rad.    

Beach time and a farmers market pit stop to pick up this beaut. After Lola's demise, I did some research so hopefully I'll keep miss Dea (Dee-ah) alive. 
A going away party for Kelly Dill that was appropriately filled with slip-n-slide flip cup, a redneck coozie (duct tape), a game we never really got the hang of, a soapy trampoline, fireball, and good peeps. Sad to see this girl go. 

Wedding dress shopping with my brother's future bride! I was honored enough to be invited to this, and especially honored to be a bridesmaid! She's going to be one beautiful bride. It's a good problem to have when all the dresses look too good to decide. 

A baseball game with miss Leslie and Dana... 

Another baseball game with Miss Meryl! 
And yet another game by myself last night. Gotta support this man! 

Just finished off this weekend at an always fantastic lake party at Lake Weir. Got to bring Meryl along too to meet some of the bests. Cannon balls off the jet skis, Trudy's ridiculous smorgasbords of goodies and catching up with these friends was much appreciated. Just what I needed. 

Oh and heeey! Nick and the boys are going to playoffs!! Woop woop! So excited and proud of him and the team! 

What greatness was your week/weekend/Labor Day filled with?! 



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