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Evening Thoughts [Commitment, Kid Spirit, and DIY]

Friday, September 26, 2014

Finishing the 11th day (in a row!) of my 30 day yoga challenge is officially the most consistent, committed thing I've ever done. Not really, but close to it. 
My year anniversary with Jacksonville,
living under the SAME roof, in a couple of weeks will be a major milestone too. Got Leslie in on the yoga madness yesterday too! Even after Al's Pizza $1 wine night. Commitment. So much goodness.

My casual walk to the pier tonight turned into an amateur gymnastics show, flying attempts with the powerful wind giving me kid-like vigor, sporadic lunges, and a random sprint to home at the end. Here's to being a kid again. 

The kid section in the library is one of my new favorite hangouts. 

Oh hey, look what I did. 

Painted these bad boys this week with the help of Meryl. DIY Success! Chalk paint is the best! DIY success! Chalk paint is the best! Sounded like it needed to be turned into a chant. 

Lastly, if anyone is moving and hates unpacking, I gotcha. That's one of my weird passions apparently, as I've volunteered these services to my mom and many friends. Settling in houses is my gig.

Oh, super lastly, Happy weekend, world! Last one of September, man. Can't believe it. 



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