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Another Benton Contest and a Day with Mom

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Woops, this post got lost left in the dust over a month ago.
Last weekend never got its glory even though it deserved a record of its greatness. Saturday was another 1st annual event created by Benton, after the first success of the sandcastle hilarity.
Our prizes from the Sandcastle contest...
This time it was the 1st Amateur Surf Contest 2015. No pros allowed. The score sheet included points for age, shakas, wipeouts, "getting in the water," paddling out, trying for a wave, and negative points for experience. Other criteria appeared such as negative points for body hair, gnarliest injury, intelligence, smarts, and tide pool pros. Prizes were a little better this time with Q-tips, a dart board, and old toys with expired candy.

Sunday morning was filled with Mama time: Morning coffee, wedding dance practicing and dart throwing in the living-room, chit chatting, shopping, and lunch. Then I got the strange pleasure of organizing and cleaning the brother's house in preparation for his future wife's arrival.
(And now she's his actual wife after their wonderful wedding on August 22! Welcome to the fam, Rach!) Said wedding made us miss the 3rd of Benton's 1st Annual contests. Didn't get a shot at the BYOK, build your own kite contest, but eager to see what the next will be!

Happy weekend friends! Some exciting, surreal news to come soon! Actually soon. I'll get better at this blogging biz. Promise.



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