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My Letters

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dear long weekends, the excitement and love you bring will never fade. I can't assure my bank account the same. 
Dear Megan and Molly, what a great time a movie, cheap wine, a fountain, and ponies can be with you girls. 
Dear new Swedish friends, you were the most amazing, entertaining, happiest, best dressed dancers I've ever seen. I hope with all my hopes to see you again. Thanks, Jonatan and Catharina for introducing these awesome people.
Dear $6.99 leather jacket, I'm so excited to have found you at the Fleamarket today. Rest assured, you will be put to use and loved dearly. And thanks, Sune for spotting your broke lady so I can try to be cool. 
Dear super awesome Sweet potato hash browns,  you filled my tummy with rays of sunshine. 
Dear Bella, (Molly's 88 year old roommate!) you've been added to my list of fascinating people I want to write a book about. And you were just as sweet as I imagined. 
Dear Jen and friends, was so nice running into you and chillin' curbside.  
Dear rock star Sune, du har en stolt kæreste.
What fascinating people or places did you see this weekend?
Our bar on Friday (source)
Picture from the Jægersborgade fleamarket (source)
Two nights in a row at Francis Pony!



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