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Cheers to the Grandparents

Monday, August 12, 2013

These last couple weeks, I had some long overdue visits with all of my grandparents. 
Mom and I went to Alabama to see Pa and Grandma for several days, visiting Grandpa Bill and Dennis and Dede too. 
Met Pa and Grandma's friends for their weekly lunch at Captain D's
Got delicious barbecue with D&D, followed by a tour of Prattville and fulfilling Pa's craving for Sweetfrog
Then brought P&G back with us cuz we hadn't had enough of them. 
Back in Florida we did Florida things like...
Boating, watching the rain on the porch, and jet skiing at Lake Weir
Eating at Swampy's (amazing) on the Rainbow River with Mark and Denise (super awesome family friends if not already introduced) And checking out M&D's new crib on the river.
Watching the rain some more on our pool deck. 
Then Mom had to return the Grandparents. 
But it was a great time with them, despite my unfortunate downer of a mood that was hard to shake, and frankly probably didn't try hard enough. But I learned a lot about my Pa and Ma this week like...
How Pa's dad bought his first Model T Ford with 200 gallons of syrup!
How none of their family went to their wedding (which was at their preacher's house, and they were 15 and 18). And not because they didn't approve but "they were just probably busy."
And some about Grandma's parents and life growing up. You admire your parents for all they were able to do with the little money and education, and I've always admired you for that. 
Then Pa, of course I'm always amazed at all the farm, Air Force, camera work, and all you can do. 

The grandparent goodness didn't end there! 
Yesterday I went to Papa and Mimi's with plans to have lunch, and wound up turning it into a sleepover like the good old days... 
We continued our pizza and a movie tradition, with storytelling,  coffee, and wine added to the mix.
We enjoyed looking at Papa's yearbook,
confirming his popularity with THREE superlatives "friendliest," "most popular," and "most versatile (excelling at football, basketball, and baseball) and "Make em laugh, make em cry, make em wait" as the quote for him. 
We believe him now when he says he got through school by dancing with the teachers. 
A sly guy, that L.D was. 
And truly admired by so many, whether friends from his high school, players he coached, students he was principal for, his neighbors and even his doctors just adore L.D. 
Mimi's quite the loved one too, with such a joyful spirit, great, southern-bell humor, and huge heart. 
  I'm beyond glad this lunch turned into this memorable visit. As Papa said, "some of the best times are unplanned." And it was, with so many great stories, advice, laughs, and amazing memories made. 

Our movie night. Minus the Pizza Hut. 

You could say I'm pretty proud of my grandparents. All of them.
 I'm so blessed to have them. 
Now go call/write a letter to/visit/all of the above your grandparents if they're still around! :)



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