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Mor og Fars Europe Adventure

Friday, August 30, 2013

      I'm about to grace you with some more awesome pictures from Mom and Dad's Europe Visit. Better late than never, eh?
Here's that bridge I've talked about on many occasions... 
Dronning Louises Bro. The coolest.

 I have such a cute mama
 The bakery the family always got our rye bread from in Holte, and we got some delicious weinerbrod there.
 "You saw real, live, vikings in action?!" Noo, that's just mee. Convincing, I know.
 Probably one of my favorite pictures of Mom and Dad, at the botanical garden

  Our carriage ride in Dyrehaven
 Some of the crew at my farewell at Charlie's
It's hard to get a normal picture with these two goofballs
Charlie and this crazy Aussie, Chris
The town we stayed in in Germany, that most Germans didn't even know
Dad and me on Father's Day.. near some fountain
The bridge connecting Traben and Trarbach
The hotel/super awesome house we stayed in... or in which we stayed... whateva
 So many nice places to eat outside




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