Friday, August 2, 2013

  I can remember a night about three years ago, when I had my first major job brainstorming session... Since this didn't happen until my sophomore year in college, this is probably the first of my problems. But during this babysitting night, while the kids were asleep, I went through all my likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, preferred stress levels, vaca time, job attire... You know, all important factors when choosing a job.
  One crazy train of thoughts commenced, going from nursing (which I had just dropped out of before even starting), teaching, counseling, writing, and other normal jobs, with owning a horse farm for autistic kids (likely inspired by recently watching Dear John), being an adventure guide in somewhere awesome like Colorado (when I've never been on half the adventures I planned to guide people on), being a translator for the United Nations... The usual. 
  Well, since that entertaining night in 2010 when I thought I decided on teaching, I wound up changing my major two more times, putting off the real world with Au pairing, and having countless more of these job-storming sessions. Recently I've entertained the more normal/major related ideas of social work with children (convenienlty since that is my major and all), along with other more novel ideas for my list like senior care assistant and basically event planning for seniors; This is a pretty big change from babies to seniors, but at least it's still in my general education area. Plus, gotta spread the love, eh?
  Then my mind goes into its overzealous, "I can do anything and everything in the world" mode, with ideas like owning a flower shop (while I know nothing about owning a business, or flowers for that matter... besides assisting in making this amazing creation), starting a "biker bar" (for bicyclers), working at a coffee shop, starting a soup shop in Copenhagen (they're in desperate need of soup!), back to the adventure guide idea (which I still have next to no experience doing myself), teaching (even though I tried that major out and quickly dropped it), being a farmhand, leading horse-back rides, writer (always), vet tech, and now real estate agent has just been added to the mix. 
Needless to say, I'm quite confused. 
At least I'm not stuck on one job?
   I haven't ruled out many of those options either; I'm actually looking into working/interning at a floral shop, worked at a coffee shop for a day, ironically applied for housekeeping jobs after my au pairing experience (eliminated that option quickly though), am applying all over to senior living homes, social work jobs, and substitute teaching, researching about real estate, applying to vets' offices, checking out volunteering/working at horse farms, looking into opportunities with writing and making money blogging, social media jobs... You name it. I'm either researching about it or already applying. Oh, not to mention being a mail woman! Thanks for that curveball, Dad! But a mail route on the beach didn't sound too bad! I don't think I'll look too much into banking though. At least I can eliminate one option. 
  Maybe I should take bets/votes on what I'll end up doing. Could definitely be interesting. 

  Now let's not leave out my do-all coffee shop/bookstore masterplan that will be associated with the prostitute refuge shelter I found, where the former prostitutes can get experience with making some coffee, selling books, or playing music in the shop. Then of course, we'll have adventure guides, art nights, and fundraisers for super cool organizations. Then just picture it situated in a breathtaking area in the mountains, with awesome outdoor seating and live music... 
Totally doable, right? 

Now what should I do, folks? 
(AKA comment and determine my career choice for me since I can't do so myself). 

Ps, whaddaya say let's step up this commenting in general and make me feel loved, share your thoughts, experiences, stories, advice... Whatever! I wanna hear from my readers! :)



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