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Recipe for a Great Thanksgiving

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Apparently when writing holiday posts,  "recipes" seem the most fitting, like this one. So here's a recipe for a great Thanksgiving. 

Gather 22 crazy family members into 
1 beach house

Like 2lbs of Mom's corn casserole. That stuff is the best. I ask for it for every birthday dinner. Sometimes I think I could eat a whole pan. Thankful for some shame holding me back.

2+ slices a day of Mom's coconut cake. Recipe coming soon!

As many runs as possible. It will make you feel a little less guilty, while also actually helping a little in reducing the effects of all the cake. 

1 dancin', laughin', expression-filled, active munchkin.
A baby livens up and changes a house more than I ever imagined. After Chris, Liesl, and baby left, I thought, "What all did I do with my brother and sister-in-law the last two days?" Then remembered, "Oh yeah... played with their baby." 

1 white sandy beach. We chose Destin, but many are good for post-food coma walking, spike ball, and photoshoots.

Hearing some untold and some retold stories from the Grandparents. 

Maybe a little less football. I don't know how the family would take that though. 

And that makes a tasty Thanksgiving. 



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