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Flashback {Differences between Denmark and the US}

Monday, December 14, 2015

I just found this draft I never published about the differences I found in Denmark and the US.

The squirrels are gingers.

The population is only like 15% fat. And not American style fat.

Everyone wears Converses.
The style is very interesting... It's pretty close to homeless status. But it's nice because you don't have to worry too much at all about your outfit or hair. It also kinda looks like they cleared out America's thrift stores when we hit the 2000s. Pretty interesting.

12,996:47. That's the difference in murders between the US and Denmark. 86:47 is just Jacksonville verse Denmark. Thus, you can feel pretty safe riding the train, biking, or running even at 4am without fear. It's quite a safe place. Even in nature, there's little to fear... (Besides maybe a pick pocket). No poisonous spiders or snakes and no bears, gators, sharks, or even big cats! Tripping on a root was my biggest fear running in the dark the other night.
I guess this feeling of safety carries into the schools because there's MUCH less adult supervision in the schools... When picking up the oldest girl, I was amazed at 1) how big the school was, 2) how many different playgrounds and playrooms there were, and 3) how few adults there were all around. The kids just roam freely, even climbing trees, hopping over bushes and just peacin out. So much more relaxed.

There are only a few McDonald's and no Starbucks except at the airport.

The kids can have SUPER deep voices. I'd think a parent was talking to me, turn around and it's a 7 year old boy... Or girl.



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