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Rediscovering Folk Dance

Sunday, December 6, 2015

       Last weekend was filled with fun and coziness, but the most important thing I learned was the fantastic tradition of contra dancing.
Thanks to my fellow teacher for sharing this fantastic event, I texted Dylan and Benton, "We're going contra dancing tonight. No debating." So that we did. It was about 1 part ball room, 1 part square dance and 2 parts community. I don't think a smile left my face as we spun and changed partners, courtesy turned, promenaded, laughed at mistakes, and danced with some great characters. It. was. awesome.

"Why doesn't the young generation do contra dancing?!" Dylan asked throughout the following week. It really was such a fun time and a perfect way to get to not only mingle with strangers but try something new, experience many blunders, and laugh at it all!
We're bringing contra back. Who's in?!

 December 18th
7 bucks for 7,000 funs. 
Be there!



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