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My Christmasy Home

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This year, I experienced the most excitement for Christmas decorating than ever before. I think it was a combination of simply being excited for Christmas season and it being my very own apartment to decorate. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, you would've found me immediately breaking out my joyful little Christmas creatures when I got back from this Thanksgiving break. Here's a glimpse at my Christmasy home.

Be Merry garland

"Sea Urchin" tea light pottery made by Anja Bartels

I didn't really have enough room for a real tree like I wanted, so instead I used these mini trees and this Drawing by Benton. 
Most of the decorations are from World Market. I really love the Scandinavian style. The elfy man looks so much like the nisse I didn't buy in Denmark.

What are your favorite Christmas decorations? 



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