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Welcome to the Family, Sierra

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This sweet pup joined the family this month and we couldn't be happier.
She already has me
walking 3x more,
waking up earlier and watching the sunrise,
relaxing and enjoying afternoon snoozes again,
cuddling on the floor,
feeling the pain of a mother picking ticks off after a Hannah Park attack,
wanting to take her everywhere,
And going "dog mommy," talking about the best vets, dog foods, and more. 
In just two weeks, she experienced 2 new homes, three family visits over Christmas, a Sunday dinner party with friends, countless meetings with new dogs and neighbors, and meeting her new aunty dog and brother cat. 

So glad to have you, Sierra. 
You will be loved to the max.

First night home
Sibling love 



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