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New Smyrna Camping

Saturday, February 28, 2015

What started out as a camping/surfing trip in New Smyrna with two of my favorite adventurers, turned into way more than we imagined. 
When our campsite plans failed with the only two sights filled, we first went for a run and surf. Then decided to work out our housing situation. With cheap hotel, setting up camp at a "for rent" house, and some other options, I remembered the couch surfing option. Two quick requests later and we got a call back... A guy living on his boat with an island we could camp on. 
So off we went to meet our host, sail on over, and set up camp. If there was a 10th cloud, I was on it. Our host was incredibly nice with an inspiring story. He biked across the United States over two years, camping and couch surfing all over. Even his decision to buy this boat was a reminder of spontaneity. "I saw this boat up for sale and said, I'm gonna guy that boat." Then started this whole new, free lifestyle. 
A weekend filled with great adventure and we only needed to go two hours south! 

The boys went for another surf while I earned some serious blisters on my feet, walking over to Third Wave Cafe for super bomb breakfast. They earned major points for this brilliance. 



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