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Colorado Christmas {Poem Edition}

Friday, January 2, 2015

This Christmas was spent in Colorado with the Tiptons for a whole week! Complete with relaxing, baby smothering, gallons of tea and coffee, tastiest turkey, best and messiest breakfast burrito at Burger Boy, animal sightings galore, snow fulfilling dreams, a wild lookin llama, Native American ruins and more. 'Twas quite fantastic. 
Here's my Christmas morning poem. 

Now the snow's falling down
On this sweet, Colorado town
A perfect morning for this Christmas travel
All the love and adventure unravel 
Our adorable addition has had us grateful
Norwegian surf and turf, a delicious plateful
It'd been years since seeing the Tiptons 
Now catching up on how we've been
We skied down the Tellluride mountains 
Baby's so cute when she be bouncin  
Piano and carols on Christmas Eve 
Were more lovely than you could believe 
The Ross's had a griswald tour
Were Anasazis happy? We're a little unsure 
Adaleigh rode her very first horse
Her mama's favorite, she was happy, of course 
El Viento the llama was a sight to see
With teeth even more crooked than me 
A Christmas Eve service in their unique little church 
Now on the porch, two pinion jays perch
We're all gathered close 
All getting our dose
Of sweets, snow, and Adaleigh 
Opening presents while sipping hot tea 
Scott perfectly prayed 
For family not here today
They played an amazing part
And are forever in our hearts
This Christmas has been quite picturesque 
Spending it with all the best 

Mesa Verde tour
Anasazi home 
Favorite street in Cortez 
Just chillin with granddaddy 

Cutest carolers 



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