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Today's Gratitude

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Well, hey, long lost readers! Other than holiday posts, I've been slacking a bit. On this relaxing Saturday morning. Lately I've been grateful for

Surviving two weeks in Miami for work! I lucked out with a like-minded, minimal partying, ok-with-hotel-chillin roomie Emily. It was a cool experience with extra tasty foods and hilarious foreign littles but I don't know that I'd be back. 
 Hearing the Abby Song last night that my sweet munchkins sing when they know I'm coming to nanny. 

Coming home to sweet boy helping out with my paleo challenge meals. 

Pa and Grandma talks the other day! And new business ideas from Pa to smuggle goats to Miami. 

Being reminded of how incredibly blessed I've been with my super parents. Boyhood was an extra reminder of that. 

Super silly mornings with turkey-wolf calls and songs, and getting back to the beach for biking, Lillie's, and Miss Meryl time! 

And a new addition to the family with Genevieve. Name picked by Dylan, and a good reminder of this sweet goofball.  



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