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A Recipe for the Best Birthday {26th Edition}

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

      October is just the best. First it was my birthday, then my mama's and half of my coworkers and friends' birthdays, weather is getting cool, pumpkins are being eaten in this and this recipe, as are the apples that deserve their fame, I celebrated a year with a man, enjoyed a vey entertaining concert by Dr. John... Lots of goodness.

My recipe for the best birthday: 
1/2 day off work
A handful of zoo animals
1 Dylan
2 homemade shell earrings  
1 dinner combining
 9 of your favorite people 
1 delicious burger with too many fries
1 pint of Whit's ice cream
Left over friends hanging out at the apartment 

Let the happiness from that recipe set in for a week before continuing the celebrations.

Then mix in a weekend with the following:
2 fancy cocktails, 2 episodes of Reign, 1 homemade gourmet breakfast, and lots of catching up  with Lady Leslie 
4 best friends for a relaxing lake day with lunch and front porch sittin
2 realizations that "we're old"
2 loving grandparents for a Catfish Johnny's dinner
1 "Pumpkin Run" with 5+ RV tours, a couple of bike tricks, a frisbee dog show, and countless classic cars (and no running)
1 more excessive meal at Harry's 
A stroll through the impressive FAFO art show
1 drive by garden sighting, meeting the funny gardener himself 

I came back from this weekend needing another weekend.
 Happy birthday indeed. 



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